A Brief Guide to Increasing Customer Engagement on Social Media

Businesses largely use social media to engage their customers, generate new leads, and drive conversions. If your business already has a social media marketing strategy, you might have already learned the basics of customer engagement on social media. 

You can stay active on the story section of your business on Instagram, trigger interest and engage in conversations in Facebook groups and under the post comments, and use videos to reach thousands of views and increase impressions. 

There are several ways to increase customer engagement on social media. This guide will briefly touch on the main approaches. 

Post videos

Create engaging videos to ensure a high level of engagement on your social media accounts. You get lots of ideas on what to include in your videos, but whatever you do, short videos have proved to be more engaging than long bodies of text. 

Therefore, learn about the characteristics of video posting on each social media platform, and start preparing video content. Work with your team closely, use coworking space software for more effective communication if necessary, and get those scripts and shots ready for your engaging video content. 

Instagram story making

Another great way to engage with your customers is through creating engaging Instagram stories. You can add several polls to your stories, clickable reactions, etc., that will ensure contact back.

Engaging with stories does not mean to left post creation out. You will also need to create highly appealing posts for your Instagram. If not sure what one would look like on Instagram, use a fake Instagram post maker to get the general look. 

Your duty with social media presence is to ensure the content you provide makes people take action, either to comment, send a message, or press the “like” button. 

Ask questions

The greatest way to increase customer engagement on social media is to start a conversation. No matter if you do it through your content or ask a direct question online, the most effective way to increase engagement is to ask for opinions, feedback, or thoughts. 

There are different ways to generate conversations, but also, the topics diversify the customer engagement experience. When you start conversations with past customers, you even get the chance to retain customers

Encourage UGC

With the last point in mind, you can also increase customer engagement on social media by encouraging user-generated content or UGC. You can challenge your customers to create content about your products or services and then share it on your social media accounts for more engagement. 

Doing so will push your buyers and interested people to get in touch with you, like, comment, or share your content and result in increasing customer engagement on social media.


There are a variety of ways to increase customer engagement on social media. To do so, you can start with improving your social media content and ensuring the diversity of content published on social media accounts. Include videos, stories, posts, images, and user-generated content in your schedule. Ask questions, and engage in conversations, and you will have your customer engagement increased on social media. 

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