6 Common Questions About Memory Foam Mattresses: The Answers by the Experts

Today, the internet is flooded with multiple buying guides for choosing and purchasing the best memory foam mattresses in India. However, how many of them really answer the most practical and common questions? Perhaps, just a few of them. 

As a buyer, it is essential for you to know the nitty-gritty of a mattress’s quality and features, so that you can experience comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Therefore, we’ve put together six important questions you should ask while buying a memory foam mattress in India, which can be based on the mattress’s – 

  1. Density,
  2. Benefits,
  3. Practicality with a bad back,
  4. Dust mite resistance,
  5. Difference from original mattresses,
  6. And, temperature and feel 

Common Questions Asked About Memory Foam Mattresses in India

  • What is a memory foam mattress’s ideal density?

Before beginning with a detailed explanation, let’s get to the basics of density. It reflects the mattress’s weight in a given square foot. In memory foam mattresses, density plays a crucial role. High-density foam offers a more viscous feel, whereas low-density foam might offer minor memory sensation and floating. 

Nonetheless, very high-density mattresses can give sleepers a stuck or trapped feeling. Optimal or ideal memory foam density is generally 4-5 lbs, which offers the best support ratio to your body. Reliable and well-established brands like Duroflex provide memory foam mattresses with different densities, amongst which, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. 

  1.  What are the distinct benefits of memory foam mattresses available in India?

Memory foam mattresses promote a good quality sleep which might otherwise be difficult to experience on any other ordinary mattress. Research shows that the amount of support and comfort people get from sleeping on memory foam mattresses reduces your tossing and turning at night by a reasonable percentage, helping you sleep comfortably.  

  • Are memory foam mattresses good for people having frequent  backaches?

Memory foam mattresses available in India cradle your body, allowing you to experience a restful sleep, supporting your back perfectly while relieving pressure. These mattresses are usually manufactured with visco-elastic material, which is known for adapting to the body heat of an individual and the downward pressure that the sleeper exerts on it. While sleeping on these mattresses, you won’t even have to suffer or experience the high-pressure areas, reducing the chances of suffering from acute backache and body ache.

  • Do memory foam mattresses attract dust mites? 

Other types of mattresses have hollow cores, in which the dust mites can breed frequently. In contrast, the core of memory mattresses is solid and they are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making them an ideal mattress option for people who suffer from allergies quite often.

  • How do memory foam mattresses differ from original mattresses? 

Memory foam mattresses available in India are sensitive to temperature. They feel soft when they are warm and a little firm when they are cold, enabling the mattress to adapt to the sleeper’s body as acted upon by their body temperature. However, regular polyurethane might not respond to the body temperature of a human being. 

  • Do memory foam mattresses feel warm?

This is a misconception that memory foam mattresses make the sleepers feel too hot and uncomfortable. In reality, they are capable of retaining body heat to a greater degree of efficiency than other ordinary mattresses. 

However, if you buy good-quality memory foam mattresses from a reliable brand, you will find that they possess an open cell structure that enables the air to circulate between your body and the mattress.

The Bottom Line

After reading through all the questions and answers, you must have got most of your doubts and myths about memory foam mattresses cleared, right? Now, all you need to do is choose a reliable brand like Duroflex to buy a memory foam mattress in India. They have been in the industry for over five decades, and since then, they have delivered thousands of mattresses and developed a satisfied and happy customer base. You can visit their website to have a detailed look at a wide variety of memory foam mattresses they provide in India and choose the most appropriate one for yourself and your family. 

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