DIY Tips to Make Drilling and Screwing Smoother for You

Drilling and screwing are not as difficult tasks as they seem. All you need is to be a bit careful and keep in consideration some valuable tips to prevent getting hurt unnecessarily. Following those tips will let you keep the frustration of driving the screws at bay. 

What are the Common Mistakes People Commit while drilling and Screwing?

If you are aware of some of the best techniques associated with drilling and screwing, then the job will seem no more difficult. Else, there are higher chances that the following mistakes may occur:

  • Breaking the wood screw while drilling
  • Popping off the driver’s bit followed by tumbling to the floor
  • The screw getting distorted and many more.

There are times when you may get your finger hurt unnecessarily, thus sometimes resulting in something serious. 

Every time, you may not have someone to push the wood screw on your behalf. In such a situation, there will be no other alternative except to carry on with the task on your own. 

To ensure that the work gets done smoothly, below are some important tips regarding drilling and screwing. The tips if followed correctly will help in making the job much easier. 

Want to know about some of those tips? Here they are….

Smart Tips to Make Screwing and Drilling Smoother

Screwing and drilling will seem no more a frustration provided you are successful in following some of the below-mentioned tips religiously:

Using wooden plugs for hiding screw heads 

Using wooden plugs is very much helpful in hiding the heads of the screws. It will not only prevent from getting your fingers hurt but also ensure the best output. 

All you need is to drive a countersink deep enough for creating a recess namely a counterbore. Afterward, driving your screws followed by adding little glue and tapping the plugs inside deeply will do. It is possible to sand the flush of the plugs after the glue dries successfully. 

Giving clogged screw heads a tapping 

 This is another important tip that you need to follow at the time of drilling a self-drilling screw. If you are living in an old house, then following this tip will prove to be very much effective. 

Earlier, you had no other alternative except scrato scrape the paint. Applying this technique will prevent you from carrying out such unwanted hard work. Taking a driver bit along with setting it on the top of the screw head and giving it a couple of taps will do. Using a hammer at the time of tapping will help in the seating of the screw into the slots.

Lubrication of the screw 

 This is one more important tip that will help in easing the work to a high extent. Rubbing the wax on screw threads will help in making driving the screws much easier at the time of driving. It is helpful, especially at the time of driving screws with the help of hands. 

Gone are those days when people used to struggle a lot for removing busted and stripped screws for hours. Better look for some wax so that it becomes easy to drive the screws without much difficulty. 

Using cutting oil to cool

 Carrying out the task of drilling into hard materials including steel and stone is no doubt, a very difficult job. Simply using the drilling machine casually will hardly help in this regard as the machine is vulnerable to getting overheated whenever the drill bit becomes blunt. 

Putting too much pressure may also result in some unexpected outcomes. In such a situation, it will be a good decision to make generous use of cutting oil to cool the drilling machine. Drilling in the stages of a maximum of 15 seconds will help in carrying out the task of drilling in the best possible manner. 

Inserting the screw between the teeth of a small comb 

On the way to insert a small wood screw inside a hard-to-reach area, there are higher chances that your fingers may get hurt. Also, it may result in a low amount of steadiness. 

To prevent such unwanted problems, it will be a better option to insert the screw in between the teeth of the comb. It will not only ensure the steadiness of the screw but also prevent you from getting hurt unnecessarily. 

Choosing the screw having the correct head 

 Going with tek screws having correct heads will be another exclusive tip that will ensure smooth drilling. On the way to using a drilling machine screwdriver, it is very much important to make precise use of the correct drill bit for the screw. 

It will be beneficial for both professionals as well as for ordinary people. Making the choice of the right type of screw will not only serve as a time saver but also ensure smooth operation without getting hurt.

Covering the spot with painter’s tape 

Unnecessary destruction of plaster must be avoided at the time of carrying out the task of drilling. It has a highly annoying tendency to crumble while you are on the way to drill. 

If you are planning to carry out the task of drilling in the ceramic tiles, unnecessary damage can be prevented with the help of painter’s tape. The tape may be used for covering the spot where you are planning to carry out the task of drilling. 

Choosing the right drill, especially for metals  

Choosing the right drill is very much important to conclude the task smoothly. The drill varies from one type of surface to the other. 

On the way to drill on a metallic surface, it is better to avoid wooden drills. Using the same may lead to lots of inconveniences. Going with the right type of drill will ensure smooth operation followed by timely completion of the same. 

In conclusion, following these tips will help in making the task of screwing and drilling much easier. It will not only prevent unnecessary accidents but also ensure the timely completion of the task with higher efficiency. 

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