HHC Distillates – Behind the Making of Pure & Potent Liquid Gold

Creating THC distillate is not the only method used to produce marijuana-derived cannabinoids. Electra Terpene, Rick Simpson Oil, and other cannabinoids are also extracted through distillation. Distillation produces an odourless, tasteless liquid that is 100% THC. Many brands use terpenes as a flavouring agent to make their product more enjoyable, so click here to visit.

THC distillate

HHC distillates are a byproduct of cannabis. They are extracted from the plant and released slowly into the body, meaning the effects are felt gradually over several hours. The distillates are easily dabbled, meaning you can add them to just about anything. You can drizzle them on salads or smoothies, add them to tinctures, or even mix them into your favourite foods. The only limit is your imagination!

Before THC can be isolated into pure thick oil, it must undergo several refinement layers. The first phase of the distillation process involves extracting the plant matter using CO2 technology, allowing for maximum extraction rates while preserving lipids and fats. The second step involves winterization, where the plant matter is soaked in ethanol to separate terpenes from cannabinoids. The final distillation step involves distilling the isolated cannabinoids separately from terpenes.

After the plant is extracted, the cannabis extracts undergo technical distillation. This step uses heat and vacuum pressure to remove solvents and cannabinoids. The end product is a highly purified, translucent liquid with nearly 100 per cent THC. Some brands undergo the distillation process multiple times, while others skip it. The process is a time-consuming one, but many distillers like the outcome.

Electra Terpene

The terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis are extracted in the distillate process. This process is highly potent and requires advanced machinery to produce. Distillates are useful in topicals and edibles and are very potent without a hashy scent. But some people don’t like this separation and are looking for more potent alternatives.

As the name suggests, distillates are more potent than live resin. Live resin contains 20 – 50% THC while distillates contain 60 – 95% THC. The difference in potency between the two types of concentrates is mainly in the THC content. The distillate concentrates are more potent but less flavorful. However, they must be heated before consumption. Dabbing is the most common method of consuming the latter, but vape pens are also a popular method.

The cannabis distillate is made using short path distillation, which separates molecules while removing contaminants. As a result, it is the second purest form of cannabidiol supplement available today. With the enhanced purity of the distillate, the end user can consume less of it. It is also suitable for capsules, edibles, and vape oils.

Rick Simpson Oil

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of HHC distillates. If you don’t, you might be interested in learning more about them. These products are derived from hemp and can be used in several ways, including inhalation, ingestion, and tincture. These products are primarily sold in the form of vape carts and gummies. While the aroma of these products is somewhat reminiscent of cannabis, the vapour is considerably less potent than smoke, which makes them ideal for use indoors or even in private settings.

Producing HHC involves a complex series of chemical reactions, including hydrogenation, a chemical process similar to that used to create margarine and CBD extract. As a result, these products contain high levels of HHC and can be harmful if misused. Hence, working with a reputable lab to create reference standards is essential.

To make the most potent cannabis extracts, distillates are an essential component. They provide an unmistakable consistency in cannabinoid content and make infused products possible. Infusing products with hemp-derived CBD is possible, but the process requires an efficient extraction step. To ensure the purity of your HHC distillate, Luna Technologies has developed an automated hydrocarbon solution called the IO Extractor.

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