Tips when buying clothes online

If online purchases have been gaining strength as a means of acquiring clothing and products, now they are a necessity.This has forced small and large businesses to improve (or start) their sales through web pages or specialized platforms.

The experience of buying in a physical store is very different from buying online, we know that. There are many doubts and fears when purchasing clothes that we cannot try on, touch or physical check. And for this, we want to collect tips to make the process more enjoyable, and effective and minimize regrets. Let’s get started!


Buy from recognized and reputable websites

Online boutique accessories for stores have endless benefits that you will not find in a shopping center, such as:

–       The absence of endless queues to go to the changing rooms or to pay.

–       You save time and money by avoiding going to the establishment and spending long hours looking for the ideal outfit.

–       You can take better advantage of the exclusive discounts on the website (if you subscribe to the Brands Shop newsletter, you will receive discounts in your email EVERY week).

–       You can quickly save your favorites to a wish list.

–       You better appreciate the cut and the silhouette of the garments in a photo with a model.

–       You have a larger stock of products than in physical sales.

–       You receive the order at your home or office.

–       And all this, without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

However, to take the practice of online commerce and take advantage of all its advantages, we leave you a small guide for your purchases of clothing and accessories online.

Read the comments and reviews

Both the page or brand and the garment you want to buy. Portals like Amazon or Mercado Libre have a space for comments and ratings. It is important that you read them. Here you can find out how reliable (or not) the brand is and if it met expectations when you received it.

Buy in online stores that you already know physically

If you were used to buying at the “X” store, and this one has its online version, it is already a little easier for you to know what size and type of cut suit you best.

Know your size and look for labels

This is the most important. Most online woman’s beautiful accessories stores specializing in clothing and shoes have at your disposal the size chart (for all countries).

However, there are brands and places of manufacture that have no relationship between size and design. For example, it is known that clothes made in China for Chinese brands tend to be smaller.

Take into account the fabric and material

Since you cannot physically feel the material or the quality of the garment, we recommend that you have prior knowledge of the types of fabrics. This way you can search to read the label of the piece and have an idea of ​​how it feels, its fall, and its care of it.

Know your body type and personal style

Understanding your morphology will make you select pieces that really look like your body type. This way you will avoid buying clothes with which you do not feel comfortable. Do not be guided only by what is fashionable. Know your body and respect your personal style.

And the shoes?

Take into account the size, width, and instep. You can measure your foot to be more sure. Read the comments about the shoes. Above all, about the type of material.

Find the privacy and return policy

Every page must have its updated privacy policy, as well as its return policies in a visible place. Before making any purchase, consult the conditions under which it handles the return or exchange of a product. If you have any questions about this, try to contact Customer Service. Don’t assume anything. Have this step clear.

Can you make returns? Do you have home deliveries? Do they refund your money if you return something, do they do it partially or in coupons? These are common questions.

Common sense

You have to be very careful. When buying online the visual references will be beautiful and perfect. But he always seeks to investigate more about the piece. Also, do not always trust the offers. If something seems too good to be so cheap…better check twice before buying.

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