6 Reasons Why Engaging in Festivals is Vital for Children

Festivals are the special times of our lives. Globally, people make most of this time by planning to get together with their friends, and family and experiencing the joy of unity and happiness. For children, participating in the celebration of festivals brings overall development that extends far beyond mere enjoyment. From cultural enrichment to fostering social bonds to blessing people for upcoming happiness, festivals play a pivotal role in allowing kids to exchange vibes.

So, don’t wait, let’s understand why kids need to delve into the enriching experience of festivals and develop essential life skills that shape their character.

  1. Bonding with Family: By engaging children in meaningful interactions with family, especially face-to-face rather than digitally, children understand the importance of relationships. Most of us live in nuclear families and this time is the best time for the families to come together. Kids get to know about the different members of the extended family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. During celebrations, kids bond over preparation for the celebrations. Kids learn to share rooms and bathrooms. We must teach our kids to be courteous with relatives and help them wherever needed.
  2. Inculcates Care and Love: Festivals include giving away gifts. During festivals, kids learn the importance of gifts and understand why it is important to make our loved ones feel happy. Kids value care for their loved ones. Through the act of giving gifts, children learn the joy of making others happy and develop a sense of empathy towards their loved ones. As children engage in the spirit of giving during festivals, they cultivate a sense of appreciation for the people in their lives, nurturing their emotional development in various ways.
  3. Kids Learn to Plan: Parents must assist kids in gift planning and making lists. You can let them sit beside you while you’re exploring gifts for your dear ones online. You can also teach them to buy gifts within budget. For example, during Raksha Bandhan, you can inform your children about happy raksha bandhan card that are economical and come in beautiful designs. Involve your kids when you plan and prepare. You can also teach them about celebrating festivals in an eco-friendly way. You can ask them to buy from local artisans, using green decorative items and nature-friendly gifts.
  4. Develop Creativity: Engage your kids in festival preparations. You can involve them into rangoli making, decorating Christmas trees, selecting diyas and arranging flowers. Through these activities, kids learn to express themselves artistically and experiment with different designs and colours. They can use their imagination to create visually appealing decorations, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride in kids. You can also assign different responsibilities to kids as per their passion and age. You can involve them in making sweets or special foods to match the occasion. During festivals, kids also learn about the significance of decorations and food in each festival while enjoying the festivities.
  5. Kids Learn Festive Dress Up: Festivals are not just about celebration and enjoyment. But, children get the chance to dress up in new clothes. Whether it’s the allure of portraying Radha, Krishna, or Santa Claus, or simply donning ethnic attire, the excitement is at the next level. Parents can take them on a shopping to pick out the perfect outfits and accessories, adding to the anticipation and joy. Even if cousins are settled abroad, it’s essential to stay connected through video calls, sharing traditions, and celebrating together despite the distance. Just a few weeks ago Rakha Bandhan, you can ask your kids to sit with you and explore rakhi online. You can send rakhi to Canada, ensuring that the spirit of the festival transcends geographical boundaries and fosters a sense of togetherness and belonging. Even if cousins are across borders, kids can dress up as per the festivity and celebrate festivals virtually. 
  6. Cultural Awareness: Festivals are the best opportunities for expanding cultural horizons, and exposing kids to the diverse traditions, beliefs, and cuisines of various communities. This exposure nurtures them to be in a deep appreciation and respect for different cultures. By participating in and experiencing diverse cultural practices, children learn to be equipped with different skills and mindsets needed to thrive in an increasingly multicultural world. Thus, festivals serve as invaluable educational tools, shaping children into culturally aware and socially conscious individuals.

Festivals are the best moments for children’s holistic development, offering opportunities for family bonding, fostering creativity, promoting cultural awareness, and learning essential like skills. Through these enriching experiences, children cultivate meaningful connections with their loved ones and gain valuable insights into diverse cultures. So, continue to nurture your children’s growth, instilling in them the values of love, compassion, and cultural appreciation that will shape their characters for years to come.

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