A Look at Why Assisted Living Facilities Are Important

The life phase after retirement is often called “The Golden Years” and is when hard-working people finally get to relax and enjoy all they’ve accomplished. However, advancing age can bring physical or mental issues that make it difficult for older adults to enjoy life without help. Even those who remain robust and active can suffer loneliness and depression if isolated. Assisted living facilities offer a solution. Seniors who move to the communities are safer, more active, well-cared for, and have all the company they want.  

Help with Daily Needs

Even healthy older adults may need some assistance with daily needs. In communities such as Sholom assisted living facilities, professionals are trained to assist residents with activities of daily living (ADLs).    

Community staff members strive to provide enough assistance to ensure residents’ needs are met without interfering with their independence. Professional service ranges from daily medication reminders to bathing, dressing, and mobility help. Care plans are tailored to each person and are monitored in case individuals’ needs change. 

Valuable Social Opportunities 

While some older adults choose to live alone and enjoy it, isolation is different. People who are isolated are often cut off from healthy social opportunities due to circumstances they can’t control. Seniors may lose a spouse and friends, develop a disability, or lose touch with family members who are far away. Moving to an assisted living facility helps prevent seniors from becoming isolated.  

According to the CDC, social isolation can increase the chances of premature death. Isolated seniors are more likely to suffer from depression and suicide, their risk of stroke increases by 32%, and the risk of heart disease goes up by 29%. Living in an assisted living facility offers seniors a ready-made community. They can socialize with neighbors, make friends with others who share their interests, and host visitors. 

A Comfortable Life 

When seniors move to an assisted living community, they often live more comfortably than they did alone. Many living at home struggle with home upkeep, finding it more difficult as time passes. Aging adults can also gradually develop physical problems that cause pain and inconvenience, and they may just put up with it, not wanting to bother others. 

Assisted living facility residents get all the help they need to remain comfortable. If they have physical issues, medical professionals offer pain management solutions. 

Life is also more leisurely since residents never worry about maintaining the well-landscaped grounds. Their apartments often include housekeeping services, and seniors can enjoy chef-prepared meals in a cheerful dining room. 

Seniors Are More Active 

U.S. News and World Report experts say that professionals typically plan recreational opportunities for assisted living residents. These coordinators organize events that include exercise classes, outings, sightseeing trips, and lunches. 

Facilities may include a fitness center that helps seniors stay active. Residents can also walk around the grounds with friends and enjoy fine weather.  

Safety and Security 

Aging adults who live at home are often at risk for trip-and-fall accidents, and their mobility may decrease with advancing age. Many also worry about home break-ins and other security issues. Living in a community setting offers a more secure lifestyle for seniors.

Assisted living communities are designed with residents’ safety in mind. Facilities include accessibility features like wheelchair ramps, wide sidewalks, and safety features in apartments, and all features are designed to ensure residents security. Seniors can safely walk the grounds without worry. 

Moving to an assisted living community can improve seniors’ quality of life. Neighborhoods are safe, secure, and staffed by professionals who can assist residents with any needs. Community residents enjoy a thriving social life and are offered many opportunities to stay active and healthy. 

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