Top 5 Best Places for a Family-Friendly Vacation in 2022

Many families are looking for a destination to explore and let loose after being home-bound for months. This summer will be an excellent period to go on a family vacation and enjoy lots of fun-filled activities. 

One of the easiest ways to choose a family vacation spot is to find all-inclusive family destinations with activities for parents and kids of different ages. Here’s a list of the top five family destinations in 2022. 

  • Amazon Tours, Peru

A tour of the Amazon rainforest and river is an excellent vacation option for families that want to spend time close to nature. The biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest is incomparable to any other destination in the world. Find guided tours like the Amazon tours Peru which has knowledgeable tour guides and fantastic touring trails. 

Most families spend the mornings exploring the amazon forest and the afternoons relaxing at their resorts. Resorts in the Amazon rainforest offer delicacies from the native cultures and foods found in the Amazon rainforest. Overall, exploring the Amazon rainforest is always a life-changing experience, and the ambiance is excellent for relaxing. 

  • Orlando, Florida Beach

Orlando is a family vacation destination because of Walt Disney World and Universal’s Harry Potter theme park. Families that have toddlers should consider Orlando as a vacation destination. There are breathtaking water parks, theme parks, and many kid-friendly resorts. Adult activities in Orlando include zip-lining, kayaking, and golfing as kids explore Disney land and the Harry Potter Theme park. 

  • Sandy Aruba Beach

Aruba is an excellent family vacation destination because it offers a mixture of cultures and a continental flair. Aruba offers food diversity, turquoise waters, soft sand beaches, and as you relax at a beach-front resort. Kids can explore the island’s inland areas and the Arikok National Park when they feel adventurous. Moreover, you will have beautiful pictures to show friends and family after the vacation. 

  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen offer lots of activities for families. There’s a six-acre outdoor water park that has fun activities for everyone. Every room has a beach-front infinity pool with a clear view of the Caribbean Sea. 

There are plenty of Nickelodeon character-themed entertainment options to keep children entertained for the entire trip. There are options for day trips away from the resort to popular tourist destinations in the hotel lobby. 

  • Atlantis, the Bahamas

The iconic Atlantis resort on paradise island, Bahamas, is a family vacation destination with many activities for families. They have a diverse marine-mammal habitat home to sea lions and dolphins. A 141-acre water park spread across the resort has slides, pools, river rides, snorkeling options, and more water activities.

Parents can enjoy concierge services, a full bar, and access to the Lapis Club as kids enjoy supervised activities by the Kids concierge. 

Get the Vacation You Deserve

Choosing the correct destination for your family vacation is one of the most crucial decisions. It will dictate the whole feel and experience of the holiday. Be sure to choose a destination that will give you lifelong memories.

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