5 ways to smartly wear your shirt

One of the oldest and very important clothing for the male gender are the shirts for men. These have been part of both your formal and informal dressings and that is why you will find some really varied ways to style them as well. However, some shirts are suitable for semi formal and informal functions while others look good in your casual events. It is how you carry them and smartly wear them which defines your total persona and overall appearance. So, here are some ways to smartly wear your shirt s for men at different occasions.

  • The regular formal style — The regular style of wearing shirt inserting it in your trousers or pants is always considered as in or acceptable. In fact, many companies expect their employees to wear they are shirts in this week only. So, if you are wearing your shirts in the regular formal style, you are actually following the latest trends unknowingly. Just remember that you can create a smarter look by contrasting the colours of the shirts for men with the trousers. For example, you can pick a light blue coloured shirt and pair it with a royal blue shaded pant and so on. If you were wearing your formal shoes in the neutral colours, then this combination is definitely going to look just perfect!
  • Shirts with a Nehru jacket — If you are bored wearing your shirts in the regular western way, then you can always create a blend of Indian and western attire together with a Nehru jacket! This jacket is a versatile ethnic wear that can be paired with almost all kinds of clothing and still look good. When you are wearing and Nehru jacket with shirt, then yo just have to complement a plain looking shirt with a contrasting coloured or printed Nehru jacket and wear your regular plans or trousers on it. A sandal or even shows goes really well with this style. 
  • Shirt with denims — Create a not too casual and neither too formal look by wearing your shirts with denim people. Now, it is upon you whether you like your solid coloured shirts or printed ones or funky printed shirt on your denims. For your jeans, it can be of any shade and fit. As far as it looks unique and perfect on you, the combination is going to be super-hit. On this attire , we suggest you wear your sneakers or sports shoes for a perfect look.
  • Shirts loosely clad over the trousers —We know it is always expected from you to wear your shirts tucked inside your trousers. But what if we say that you can wear it smartly by actually not doing that! Like, you can skip tucking in your shirt and still ace it in a loose attire over your trousers or pants on casual and semi formal events. Since this clothing now turns semi formal or casual, you can wear a sandal, loafer or sneakers with it, easily accentuating your shirts for men.
  • Shirts under the blazer — For that graceful and sophisticated appearance, wearing your shirts under the blazer is the perfect choice. For this combination, ensure that you are picking a lighter shaded, printed or geometrically designed fabric for your shirt and the fit is just what defines your body shape! Now a darker shaded blazer with a matching trouser or a denim jeans goes really well with the shirt. To complete the look, don’t forget to wear your Oxford shoes over this style! 

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