How to Create a Memorial Garden to Remember Loved ones

Memorial gardens are a common way to honor the life of a departed loved one. 

Mourning the loss of a loved one can be channeled through positive means, like creating a memorial garden to remember someone who has passed away, using symbolic representations of their life. 

Although creating a sacred space for your late beloved can feel overwhelming, it can also be deeply therapeutic. 

By incorporating plants and stones into an area you are establishing for remembrance, memorial gardens can offer a healing way to show love and respect for ones who has passed. 

From memorial stones to flower arrangements, here’s how to create a memorial garden to remember your loved one. If you’re looking for further information, you can click here to learn more.

Selecting Memorial Stones 

Take your time considering memorial stones to be sure you pick the right one. 

Browse different headstone designs, factor in your budget, and inquire about installation services to establish the stone. 

You may wish to discuss the right wording for the stone with other loved ones. Phrases like ‘In Loving Memory’ may or may not be the ideal choice.

Consider what words remind you of your loved one and what you believe they would have most appreciated being written for them. 

Flowers And Landscape

Look for plants that remind you of your loved one in one way or another.  

Create a space that reminds you of them, not only with the memorial stones or plants you consider but also in how you display the garden. 

It is important to think creatively to consider what formations would be most fitting. 

It might sound strange to look for connections between landscapes and your loved one, but when you look from a creative lens, the process becomes easier and more meaningful. 

Say your loved one enjoyed going on walks and collecting pinecones. You could arrange your garden by circling plants and flowers around pinecones. 

Did your loved one frequently wear patterns on their clothing? Make the garden in zig-zag lines. There are so many possibilities. 

A Sitting Area

You may visit the garden from time to time. It would be best to incorporate a sitting area that is across from memorial stones, so you will be facing in the direction of your departure. 

If you have a bench or chair that belonged to them, this is a great way to incorporate more of their energy into the space. 

The sitting area is also for you to connect with your loved one, so make sure it carries enough of your energy as well. 

Include Healing Properties

It may be helpful to include healing properties in your memorial garden.  

You might spread out cherished crystals around memorial stones to evoke deep healing. Even a small water fountain will do the trick. 

The sound of trickling water is soothing and may add an extra layer of tranquility to your memorial garden. 

Rooted In Remembrance 

To create a memorial garden in honor of your late one, Grounds maintenance Solihull  recommends above suggestions on how to create a memorial garden that is rooted in remembrance.

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