Why Should You Get Your Geyser Service Done? Some Reason You Should Know

There’s no denying that you expect steaming hot water when you turn on your shower during the harsh winters. But if you are getting bone-chilling cold water from the showers and taps instead, the whole experience can be tremendously unpleasant. This is when you may start wondering if the energy efficiency of your electric water geyser is waning down.

You must realize that there are numerous reasons for your electric water geyser not functioning as per your expectation. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the most common reasons that may have led your water geyser to serve no hot water in your home. If you have prior knowledge of these reasons, you would be prepared to begin troubleshooting the issues.

  1. Leaking Tank

It goes without saying that a water geyser can only function properly if there’s adequate water in the tank. If you are not receiving any hot water, the chances are that the tank is leaking. So you must realize that an empty tank is a serious problem, and not to mention that it’s not energy efficient at all.

You must ideally evaluate the connections between the valves and the pipes with the appliance. Once done, you can then move on to checking the compartment of the tank. If you find water in the compartment, you must essentially consider replacing the whole thing.

  1. Electric Water Heater Malfunction

You must take a mental note of the fact that energy efficiency is immense for electric water geysers. In case you are not getting any hot water, you must immediately power off the device first.

Afterward, you should ideally reset the circuit breaker. You must also realize that a faulty circuit breaker is a bad fit for your electric water geyser. You may ideally call in a professional geyser repair personnel for expert assistance.

  1. Gas Leak

Thirdly, you must also keep in mind that a natural gas leak is not ideal for the overall functioning of your water geyser. This is primarily since it can be both inconvenient as well as dangerous. This is why if you are sensing any potential gas leakage, you must immediately call in qualified geyser service teams.

The following steps will depend on the individual assessment of the geyser service professional. If they find any natural gas leak on your appliance, they will consider a necessary repair job. However, if they find no gas leak, you are potentially in for troubled times.

  1. Malfunctioning Thermostat

First-timer or not, you must realize that an electric water geyser must have a high-functioning thermostat to supply hot water and be energy efficient. You may ideally consider setting the thermostat in between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit on the water geyser.

Now, if you are not getting any hot water or the water is not adequately hot, you may consider assessing the upper thermostat.

If you come across a faulty or busted thermostat, you must consider replacing the component. You may also find it helpful to learn that periodic maintenance could also be potentially responsible for causing issues- despite having a perfectly functioning thermostat. This is primarily since sediment build-up. You may ideally call in a geyser repair professional to fix this.

  1. Tank Size

It is essential to mention that an undersized tank inside your water geyser will not be energy efficient- you are most likely to run out of hot water faster due to this. The geyser will be perfect for a handful of people. However, any increase in the number of users will see the appliance failing to provide hot water. You may ideally consider getting a larger hot water tank for your electric water heater.

  1. The Weather

There’s no denying that the outside temperature also dramatically determines the time your device may take for boiling water internally. Unknown to many people, water heater tanks’ energy efficiency and performance, even in the North, can take a dip during the winter. Your best choice under such circumstances is to ride out the season before insulating the appliance.

  1. Recommended Tools and Materials

If you are looking for energy efficiency in your household appliances, you may consider repairing or replacing the water geyser yourself. It would be best if you ideally allowed the qualified technician from water heater repair Las Vegas to take care of the job. But if you want a shot at a DIY project, these are the necessary tools that could come into your use:

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical and plumbers tape
  • Soldering torch
  • Safety glasses
  • Tube cutter

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it only fits to admit that it always pays well to have a reliable plumbing expert by your side during a domestic crisis. You must give a call to Mannu Bhai for preventing the unnecessary worry and stress that comes with sudden home repairs. You can call them 24/7 if you ever have a problem.

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