Advantages of Having a Skilled SEO Marketing Agency for Your Company

Nowadays, everyone looks at search engines like Google or Bing before buying some product. It even transcends to local searches, too – like “the best bakery near me” or “restaurant near me” searches. The search engines employ a unique algorithm to filter out the most organic results – one with the least amount of paid ads and the presence of the correct keywords without any artificial inclusion.

However, the process is a bit more complex and requires the presence of professional workers to implement it successfully. In short, you must have an SEO Marketing Agency to work for your company.

Search engine optimization – the statistical evidence

So, how dies Search engine optimization work? You will observe that when you give search on the search engines – they produce a million results. It is physically impossible to check out all of them, and in reality – 99.22% of users find their answers from the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SEO optimized webpages generate 1000% more traffic than organic social media websites. Moreover, the number of backlinks the website has will determine the organic traffic intensity for that web resource.

However, getting featured in the search engine SERPs is not easy. Only 5.7% of the online pages will feature in the top 10 results, which can take more than a year. The same stringency applies for keywords as well – 0.16% of the most general keywords are accountable for 60.67% of all searches. A probable 3.5 billion searches occur on Google daily.

So, the importance of SEO marketing agencies in increasing your business revenues is evident from the statistics presented here.

The benefits of SEO marketing companies

The information above clears the effect of SEO and its impact on a business’s revenue. However, these are not the only benefits the SEO Marketing Agency will offer your business concern. Here are some of the significant differences you can get from a professional marketing agency expert in SEO activities:

Essentially free marketing

It will cost you time if you handle the job yourself. Otherwise, SEO is a free marketing method, in contrast with PPC (pay-per-click) methods. The search engine updates use their crawlers to search the websites all day long, promoting valuable content and helping clients find customers organically. You should keep reviewing the scope of higher-ranking web pages within your fields and produce better content than theirs. After that, share it on the social platform.

Enhancing credibility

A website that positions high on the SERP is typically considered superior and reliable by the search engines, enhancing your business’s authority. The SEO firm you choose should devote time to refining and accumulating content for your site, growing your site speed and exploring keywords to make your site rank even higher.

Content marketing support

Your website will rank higher and better in the SERP if your chosen company creates helpful content for the visitors – including images, videos, and text. SEO works most efficiently if it is supported by original content. However, if your content is high quality and is optimized for ranking keywords, it can also support content marketing efforts. The SEO firm also has to update the content regularly, as search engines like fresh content for better ranking.

Getting competitive edge

The SEO firms will help you get to the first page of the search engine SERP, where the present website gets 90% of the traffic. If your contenders are there, you have to be. So, you should start to study your opponents, investigate their strong points and faults, and hire a professional SEO agency to manage your online presence. Your chosen firm should also ensure that your site is mobile-friendly, has the best content, and provides the best user experience.

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