Advantages of Technology-Based Learning

In earlier times lots of things used to be done manually and things were quite different in those days but as the time passed by humans discovered a lot of new things in technology and got advanced technologically. Many sectors got the taste of advancement technologically and so the sector of education. As the time passed by new technologies got introduced in the field of education and learning became easier for the students. No one can reject the fact that over pandemic Covid-19, learning has taken a big leap towards technological advancement. Technology-based learning has changed the face of learning via online learning. Through these days students are able to fulfil their dreams of learning any subject or course from anywhere in the country. For example, school LMS these days is the most important contribution of technology in learning because school LMS helps monitor student’s progress and performance in the course. In the same way Institute ERP is also playing a major role in the learning process of students technologically as Institute ERP connects the entire institution into a single platform to simplify data management. There are several examples which can illustrate that technology-based learning is the best for the students such as teachers who used to have hands dusty always due to chalk and boards but nowadays, they are using whiteboards through which they can teach more efficiently and in much more detail. Although it is a matter of discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of induction of technology in education, it is also very clear that technology has made dreams of students come true in every means. Hence, let’s see advantages of technology-based learning:

  • Every student has his or her own way of learning and the same happens in online learning also. Along with technological support students become able to learn in their own way independently without being dependent on any mentor or teacher anymore. Students have their own pace. This enables students to work in a confident manner which eliminates any kind of hesitation in the students.
  • The best advantage of online learning is flexibility. Online learning is very flexible for the students. Online learning provides flexibility in such a way to the students as well as teachers that they become able to have control on learning and teaching and facilitate each other in the matter of attaining knowledge and information.
  • It is a very common phenomenon that when students are given any assignments they work very effectively regarding that assignment as a team. Same thing applies in online education. When students are given any assignment to accomplish online then among the peer group those students who have technological experience, they help their inexperienced peers and teach them about the facilities of online learning and accomplish the assignment together.
  • Technology-based learning provides learning in many technological advancements which creates some awesome experiences regarding interaction with other people like mentors and teachers and peer groups. Students can use many new methods to interact like laptops, tablets and even by their android phones, that too 24×7. Also, students can use the technical facilities in the maximum way to enhance their learning. Today students sitting in India can complete a course in a university situated in America easily and can attain a certificate regarding it also just due to technology-based learning.
  • Most importantly A Level Computer Science course has become very cost effective for the students. Earlier professional courses used to be very costly for the students and every student was not able to get scholarship hence, many students used to kill their dreams of higher education in their heart. They used to live out their dreams in lack of money and resources. Now in the presence of technology-based learning they are able to complete higher education that too from foreign universities with complete certification. Due to such facilities many students who could not accomplish their dreams, they get chances to cherish their careers.

Hence, as a conclusion we can say that there are varieties of teaching methods and facilities but the contribution of technology-based learning is incredible. Technology has made many impossible things in the field of education possible and now students, even in remote villages, can think of a complete education due to technology and the internet.

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