Alcohol Abuse: Natural Recovery vs. Treatment Center

Alcohol abuse and addiction are mental disorders that can translate to serious mental problems if not cared for early. Curing alcohol addiction can either be done by natural therapy or rehab treatment. Natural addiction recovery happens without treatment. However, most people who opt for natural healing are running away from the cost of scientific addiction treatment.

On the contrary, effective treatment provides a holistic healing experience. It helps a patient cope with addiction, heal from the underlying effects of addiction, and build a better relationship with family and friends. Both natural and treatment recovery requires the patient to admit their problem and purpose to recover.

If you or your loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, check here for a significant comparison between natural recovery and addiction treatment before deciding which method to apply.

The Environment for Recovery

The patient’s environment is essential for effective alcohol recovery. It involves the people around, circumstances, and any surrounding factor that can act as a trigger. Natural healing happens in the home environment, where the patient frequently interacts with peers who might be under the same influence but unwilling to change. The temptations to turn back are high. Chances of relapse are also very high in recovery without treatment.

On the contrary, rehab treatment like The Forge Recovery Center provides the best environment for an effective recovery. The rehab centers are almost free from triggers and have low chances of relapse. In addition, there are professional doctors in rehab who assess the patient’s situation and decide on an ideal treatment plan according to the patient’s needs. For that reason, the treatment approach is better than Natural alcohol recovery.

Detoxification vs. Humility

The first step in natural alcohol recovery is humility. Accepting a problem is the beginning of treating it, and it requires humility to accept that you need help. Individuals may decide to solve their alcohol problems independently while others seek help.

According to experts, a treatment approach is better than natural alcohol recovery. Professional alcohol treatment starts with detoxification which involves clearing the substance from the patient’s body and cubbing withdrawal symptoms. Treatment often uses medications in detoxification, which is rare in natural recovery. A professional will know which medicines are ideal for the patient’s level of alcohol addiction.

Counseling and Behavioural Therapy

Natural recovery happens without treatment or support groups. However, counseling is essential in alcohol recovery. It is critical for the patient to learn about addiction, relapse, and avoid it.

Rehab treatment offers group support and behavioral therapies to help the patient remain sober without relapse until complete recovery. Therefore, treatment is faster and more effective than natural recovery.

The Aftercare Services

Since natural recovery happens at home, often without professional guidance, aftercare services are few. There is no one to follow up on the patient and support them in the journey to a sober life. That is why cases of relapse are common among natural recovering patients.

On the other hand, alcohol treatment professionals offer aftercare services to support their patients on their recovery journey. At times, the doctor may occasionally visit their patient to check on their progress. The expert also assigns the patients groups according to their needs to support each other to grow into sobriety.

The Final Thoughts

Alcohol abuse disorder is a chronic and complex disease that requires prolonged treatment. It is crucial to involve a professional doctor to determine your needs and recovery plans. With this information, you can say that the treatment approach is better than natural alcohol recovery.

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