Pro Tips for Betting On The Lottery in India

Finally, people are enjoying the thrill of playing online lottery games from India. Global favorites with huge payouts like EuroMillions, US Powerball, EuroJackpot, and dozens more can now be accessed 24 hours per day seven days per week from India. 

We know that physical casinos are banned in India, and we know that the big lotteries mentioned above are exclusive to certain geographical areas. So, how can these claims be true? While physical casinos are banned in India, online casinos are completely legal. It is estimated that 80% of all adults in India participate in online gambling of some sort. 

Lottoland operates exclusively online. A fixed-odds lottery betting site and online casino. They are the most distinguished and prominent business of their kind in the world. Because at a fixed-odds site, you bet on the results of a lottery, Lottoland can offer lotteries that look like and pay like lotteries from various nations. This includes the three most famous, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, US Powerball, and scores of others. With more than 10-million customers, lotteries from more than two dozen countries, casino betting, instant wins, cash4life, sports betting, and scratch-offs, there is little doubt they are industry experts.

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Great betting tips

There are no foolproof methods to guarantee a lottery win. The fact is, it is a matter of chance. But with all games of chance, math factors in. So we can give you a few hints that may give you a bit of an edge. Sometimes a bit of an edge is all you need to win big.  

  • Reconsider using dates

Using dates is a common practice for selecting lottery numbers. People may use the six digits from their birthday, anniversary, or college graduation. They choose dates that mean something to them. However, no month has more than 31-days. The number selection runs between 1 and 50, so the numbers from 32 to 50 are used much less. Few people will have used them when they do, making the prize higher for the winners.

  • Join a syndicate

When a group of people chip in and place a bet, they share the prize when they win. This may put you off. But consider this, 1 in every five wins is from a syndicate! So, you are smart to bet with a group. If you are worried about sharing the money, just bet a larger amount.

  • Think smaller

Go ahead and please place your bets on your mega wins. But, while you are there, look for some lower-paying lotteries with better odds. You will win less, but you could win more often. A lot of people enjoy going home with pockets filled with money from instant cash games, scratch-offs, and lotteries that pay lesser amounts. Maybe they can’t retire, but they sure can pay for some great vacations.  

  • Let the computer compute

There is no conspiracy. Computers are not programmed against players or for players. If they were, companies would not be in business for very long. They are just machines. When asked to compute a random number, there is no brain to get in the way. They simply select a random number, randomly. So it may be a good idea to let the computer choose your number for you if you are having a hard time hitting anything with your own thought process.

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  • Keep your head

You will always find people telling you that they have the secret to winning. They want to sell their winning formula in the form of a webinar, book, or some special charm. Ask yourself this. If they have the secret to winning the lottery, why are they selling books on it? There is no method to winning. It is a game of chance that cannot be predicted. Play for the thrill of playing.

  • Be consistent

When you have chosen a set of numbers, use them. Be consistent. Place your bet with them every week at around the same time. The law of averages is on your side every time you place the bet. Don’t be one of those people you read about who bet on a group of numbers for months or even years and then gave up. Then a few weeks later, they hear of a person who won the lottery with their numbers! Just stay consistent. 

 Betting on the lottery is a fun way to entertain yourself. It feels good to participate in hope and dreams for tomorrow. So, take advantage of being able to bet from your computer or phone in India, and bet on lotteries all over the world. Have fun playing online today and keep an optimistic outlook for tomorrow, and you will always be happy. That much, we can promise. 

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