The Significance of Wedding Rings And Things To Consider Before Buying One

Token of marriage, a symbol of commitment, the portrayal of each other’s love, these are some of the common terms used to describe the band of gold on the ring finger. Rightfully so, a wedding ring has been a universal emblem of two individuals committing to each other by religion or by Australian law. It’s a tradition that found its inception in the late 1300s and is used worldwide even to this day. Have a look at some of the reasons why rings are still the universal symbol for love and why this practice exists even to this day:

  1. The first and the most obvious reason would be that it is the symbol of one’s commitment to the relationship. Spouses would adorn the wedding ring to show the world that they are promised to each other, and it is the testament to the promise of marriage upheld by both parties.
  2. It can also be a symbol of love and affection, symbolising how the significant other holds a special place in their hearts. Rings can also remind the loved one of the moments or occasions that made each other fall in love.
  3. Wearing a ring is also an act of responsibility, and it ensures that both parties are willing to put in the effort and not make any hasty decisions that can harm the relationship. Like the shape of the circle, love is symbolised as eternal.
  4. Lastly, it shows to the public that the person is taken and is not available for a relationship, romantic or otherwise.

With lab grown diamond wedding band making up the backbone of Australia’s jewellery industry, there are still certain things to consider before Aussies decide to purchase one:

  1. Get A Head Start: Although the date of marriage varies widely in the country, the months of November and the days of autumn are the most common. So, if these months are planned for the wedding, shop for rings as early as six or seven months prior to tying the knot. Better not leave such an important detail to the last few months or weeks.
  2. Budget: There’s no need to buy an extravagant ring for one’s significant other. And no, more money spent on rings does not signify that the love in a relationship is that much! Don’t fall for the cheesy adverts of marketers and rather, make a budget based on the financial status. A healthy marriage is more than just expensive rings, so don’t let the initial purchase drain the wallet. With that being said, do understand that there isn’t a specific amount that people should spend but instead, be attentive about the spendings.
  3. Consider The Partner’s Lifestyle: People have different lifestyles, and the type of ring bought for them should reflect this accordingly. Spouses that work jobs may require a compact ring or a thinner band that doesn’t get in the way of their work. For those having an active lifestyle, a simple design will do. The best way to make this decision is to shop together as a couple.
  4. Have A Talk With The Jeweller: The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Jewellers are experts in the field, and they can provide an excellent range of selections based on the individual’s lifestyle and income. So don’t shy away from making an appointment and getting a consultation. An expert opinion can go a long way in making the right choice of purchase.
  5. Be Aware Of The Basics: Have a proper idea about the metal, shape and design. Certain factors such as the setting, the cut and style are some things that the customer needs to have a thorough knowledge of if they want to make the best of their shopping experience. Plus, it’ll help if the customer wants to upgrade their rings sometime in the future.

Although hundreds of standard designs and models are available for the rings throughout Australia, it doesn’t hurt to think out of the box and be different. However, do make sure that the documents for certification, quality check and insurance are in order before signing the purchase agreement.

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