Are isopods good pets?

Most people don’t assume that insects can make for very good/interesting pets. However, it seems like arachnids like spiders, scorpions, roaches, moths, and even isopods have become more and more popular in the pet-owning world. Isopods in particular seemed to have found their niche in the human world. As we will get into, they have proven themselves to have a variety of uses for us. Because of that, they have a whole community of fanciers and breeders around their development. To see why people would show such an interest in these cute crustaceans, let’s review why isopods make good pets in the first place. 

They’re Easy to Care For

You would be hard pressed to find a pet easier to keep than an isopod. Unlike most pets, you essentially do not have to interact with these guys on any sort of regular basis except to check up on them and feed them. They are happy to subsist on leaf litter and basically whatever else you want to throw in their container. As long as you don’t leave too much rotting food in your pill bug’s enclosure, give them egg cartons to move around and proliferate in, and leave plenty of ventilation holes, they should stay happy and healthy.

Isopod shopping list:

  • Leaf litter.
  • Egg carton. 
  • Mister or spray bottle.
  • Thermometer (advised)
  • Container with lid.

Super Useful

Another reason isopods make for appealing pets is their utility in a variety of areas. In the wild, they are an incredibly important food source for a variety of animals and remove all sorts of detritus and pests from an area. Their role in captivity is much the same.

If you have any manner of arthropod, reptile, or small mammal (specifically mice or hedgehogs), isopods can prove to be highly beneficial to their enclosure. Aside from removing waste and keeping away nasty pests such as mites, pill bugs are known to make tasty, enriching snacks.

They can even be an important part of a “bioactive setup”, which is essentially a vivarium that takes care of itself.  

Some of the most commonly used isopods for vivariums include: 

  • Dairy cow isopods
  • Powder blue/orange isopods
  • Silver ghost isopods

They’re Visually Appealing

Naturally, not everyone seeks out isopods for ultra-utilitarian purposes. Some just like them because they look cool. After all, there are thousands upon thousands of species of isopods for sale out in the world. Many people have been refining their genes over the years to create truly unique patterns and colors so that pill bugs can be aesthetically appreciated. 

Some pill bugs commonly revered for their looks are part of the Cubaris species, which include:

  • Rubber Ducky isopod  
  • Panda King isopod
  • Shiro Uturi isopod


In short, yes, isopods can make unique, wonderful pets. They are as varied as the people who keep them, and have many wonderful utilities that make them great fits for a number of homes. If you are in the process of looking for isopods for sale, and are curious about how these bugs would work for your home, go for it. They can wind up being a wonderful investment and companion for years to come. 

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