Are Women More Successful In Sports Betting Than Men?

It is indisputable that sport occupies a significant part of our lives. Some of us prefer to watch it, while others prefer to practice it. However, some people take it to the next level and decide to bet. Until recently, this was a favorite activity of the ‘stronger’ sex. However, in recent years, we have the opportunity to see more and more women in bookmakers. What happened? Given the fact that women have a better intuition than men, have they decided to cash in on this ‘talent’ of theirs, or do they just want to have a good time?

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There Are No Longer Male Domains
In the age of the multi-gender perspective on the world, in which one has to pay attention to fair language and political correctness, there are more and more areas in which women are becoming more active these days and breaking into what were exclusively male domains. Furthermore, women are conquering these classic male domains. One area that has increasingly come into the spotlight in this regard in recent years is sports betting. The woman thoroughly checks facts and makes her commitment – always looking for a profit. Unlike a man, a woman will find a sports discipline of interest (she will not bet on everything), will have fun while doing it, and will achieve great success.

Men love sports betting because they love sports and they love betting. According to a survey, for every 15 men who bet on sports, there is one woman which indulges in this activity. That is because women do not bet carelessly. A woman likes to google her way through before making a betting decision. She does not want to make an impression with her bet and discuss it with a glass of beer at the bar. She wants to smile confidently after victory and take the profit. And if she was successful, then she will talk about it. She may even ask for information on betting without you noticing it.

Looking at statistics, it can be seen that women tend to bet on classic games such as lotteries or poker when gambling. These are areas in which women are very much represented or dominant. Sports betting does not fall into such a group. Women of today know how to help themselves and check carefully whether it is worth doing something. And they decided that sports betting is worth getting involved with.

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Women Are Becoming Increasingly Interested In Sports In General
Profit optimization is the top priority with most of the classic providers of sports betting nowadays. And, we have seen a great change in society in the last few decades, which includes a strong interest among women in sports, regardless of whether it is about playing, viewing, commenting, or betting.

This trend has not escaped the bookmakers’ attention. They reacted very quickly and, above all, adapted the advertising and the way in which they provide information on their websites or elsewhere. The adaptation of the advertising took place in the same concept as in the tobacco and alcohol industry. An advertisement clearly targeting the male population, in which values that corresponded to the ‘stronger’ sex were praised, is now changed to groups of friends consisting of men and women and reflecting values that correspond to the entertainment.

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If you were to start a survey to find out whether men and women prefer the online version or the traditional bookmaker over a land-based bookmaker, then you might come across one of the main reasons why more and more women have been present in NY Sports Betting in recent years. Women tend to place their bets online and avoid the land-based betting offices as they feel uncomfortable in them, describing the atmosphere there as overwhelming and tense.

In land-based bookmakers, women cannot process the information offered and tend to make wrong decisions. Therefore, women feel comfortable playing on the best live betting sites that can be found here. There, they bet in a familiar environment, at home, without glances from the men who, on the one hand, do not trust women to be able to place a proper bet and, on the other hand, fill the space with discomfort. Betting online gives women the opportunity to process all the information in the right way and place the bet efficiently.

Let’s try to find out why women are more successful than men in betting:

Emotional Attachment
Women mostly do not bond with their favorite teams to the extent of frustration or ecstasy. They are usually reasonable and rational when it comes to sports. So when they start betting, they use their mind and logic to calculate the chances of winning, instead of always choosing the side they support. On the other hand, men are too obsessed with certain sports like football or basketball and still think that their favorite team will win even if it lacks quality.

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Levels of Optimism
Naturally, men are more optimistic and aim to make an effort when it comes to what they like, without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes, after their team achieved a win in a close game, they stay happy and decide to support the same players and same team next time. Women are more realistic. They think about the future by looking at the facts they analyze well. And when a woman sits down and considers everything well, success is guaranteed.

Most men pay more attention to history, players, and results. So, there is a lot of information that can confuse them and create additional pressure. On the contrary, women do not care so much about some team’s od competition history, so they lack knowledge, but they do not have the burden of too much information. That is why they are sometimes more ‘sober’ and relaxed than men. And where there is no nervousness, there are gains.

Feeling Intensity
Men can be more intense, so their adrenalin hits the roof when they are thrilled or angry. Therefore, they are more likely to make impulsive decisions that turn out to be huge mistakes. In contrast, women are not so eager to prove to anyone that they were right. So, they take fewer risks and accept small victories, instead of investing everything and losing everything. Women are calmer, more reasonable, and wiser. When the stakes are too high, they do not risk everything. That is why they are more successful in betting than men.

Few Numbers Instead of a Conclusion
Experts also decided to deal with this topic and came to the following conclusion: A new study undoubtedly shows that women who bet on sports are better than men. Surprised? The essence of the study is that, based on sports betting data collected since January last year, women have a return on investment of 19.79 % on their bets placed. Men, on the other hand, recorded an average loss of 4.6 %. That is a significant difference, isn’t it?

Not only do women recoup their stakes, but they also have a return of almost 20 %, while men usually lose bets. It is ungrateful to mention any physiological difference that favors a woman, so the only possibilities are cultural, psychological, or strategic differences.

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