Asbestos Management and Disposal

Asbestos in Roof Sheeting, Flooring, and Walls

The methods for removing and disposing of asbestos are strictly controlled and are necessary for the safety of those involved in the process. While it is safe when left undisturbed and proper management can see it left in place, if it is to be broken, cut, or otherwise damaged it will require professional removal and disposal.

A popular ingredient to strengthen building materials and insulation, asbestos is present in many homes and businesses. The most common uses were insulation, flooring tiles and other flooring, roofing tiles and shingles, and drywall. While not present in every building, those that were built before the late 1980s should be checked for asbestos or treated as though there is asbestos present. While these are the most common areas, other spaces are also known to contain asbestos. Bathroom and kitchen tile, countertops, and cabinets may contain asbestos and require special treatment before removal. 

As a building material, asbestos is known to provide strength and durability to flooring, ceiling, and other tiles, and to be a great insulator. It keeps out both heat and cold as needed, and is both affordable and easily obtained. Only after the long term health effects became known and there was an awareness of asbestos related deaths, was it banned from use. 

Have Your Asbestos Removed

Asbestos must be removed through specific processes and safety measures. It is important that those who will be working in the area are protected from the inhalation of the fibers and particles. To do this there is necessary safety equipment and the clothing is covered with appropriate coveralls. All material that is removed must be bagged and sealed before disposal in approved locations. Black Diamond Services offers the best asbestos removal Newcastle has to offer. They are fully qualified and trained in all safety precautions to remove all asbestos from your home or business while eliminating the risk to those who live or work there. Spaces that are under renovation or having the materials removed will be sealed to prevent contamination of other areas or rooms. The materials are handled with the utmost care and removed completely, usually while wet to avoid any parts of it becoming airborne. After safely removing the materials that contain any traces of asbestos, they will package the materials and remove it from the property. There are regulations surrounding where and how asbestos containing materials are to be disposed of.

Before disturbing any walls, floors, or counters it is important to ensure that if the space was built before the late 1980s that it is checked for asbestos. It is necessary to ensure that professionals are responsible for the removal and disposal for the safety of anyone working or living within the building. All construction and renovation may continue once the complete removal is done, and the materials are disposed of safely. Renovation companies and contractors are aware of the risks of asbestos and will support the safe removal of any asbestos containing counters, cupboards, drywall, and flooring that will be disturbed in any way.

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