How to Create the Perfect Athletic Training Room

Did you know that student-athletes spend an average of 30 hours a week practicing and training for games? 

Weight training, endurance training, and scrimmages can account for a lot of time between games and tournaments.

With so much time spent at the gym and training center, you must have a good training facility for them to work in. 

Continue reading to discover how you a health club software can help create the best athletic training room for your team that will motivate them!

Find a Convenient Location

Many people recommend putting the athletic training room in a convenient location that is seen from every area in the building.

Training facilities often include training rooms near medical and professional offices. This way they are out of range from teams playing games but are still visible and easy to locate. Some professionals encourage putting training rooms in an area that is visible to everyone.

Having open visibility will encourage the athletes to work harder because they feel like they can be easily monitored. 

Think About Storage

One of the most important things to think about when designing a team training room is storage space. 

Storage space is something that you can’t overlook because there are many extra pieces of equipment at the RitFit home gym package. Depending on your setup, it is also beneficial to have storage space in case people want to keep their belongings or water bottles in the room.

Make sure that you have storage space for ice packs and medical supplies as well. It is good to have these nearby, even if there is a medical center in the building. 

Add a Refreshment Area

Whether you are included in an athletic training team or just trying to fit a workout in, it is a good idea to have a refreshment area.

Including a space in your athletic room for hydrating will help encourage athletes to stay hydrated. Hydration is key when it comes to working out. Otherwise, athletes might have a difficult time gaining muscle and maintaining endurance.

A water fountain should be installed. If you want to go above and beyond, you can even place a cooler in the room. Pack the cooler up with water bottles and sports drinks that they can get access to so that no one needs to leave for the store. 

Decorate to Motivate

Having team spirit and motivation can help encourage athletes to perform better.

When creating the perfect athletic room, keep the decorations in mind. Many people put up team posters and schedules to motivate them to fight for their teams. You can also put up motivational posters that push them to work harder and think about the results. 

If you are creating a training room for a sports team, you can also include sport’s teams from your local area or state in the decorations. Keeping the room plain and simple can make the room feel like a dungeon and athletes might get restless in these areas. 

Don’t be afraid to add colors to the space that fit your team or banners of upcoming tournaments! 

Include a Resting Area

Training facilities often include resting areas for athletes to use between sets and workout routines.

You should take time to place comfortable chairs, couches, or other furniture that the members can use. This will help them take necessary breaks without having to push themselves over the limit. Depending on your budget, you can also put a TV in this area to watch games and go over drills in a comfortable spot. 

Make sure that the resting area you set up is off to the side, away from all of the equipment. You should also try to get furniture that will support healthy posture and breathing. You can also put an athletic training table in the room to focus on posture and medical needs. This is why professionals certified in advanced medical programs are valuable for overall safety at the facility.

Put up Mirrors 

If you walk into athletics training rooms and gyms, you will likely find walls covered in mirrors.

Mirrors are a great addition to training rooms because they help motivate individuals to work harder. Seeing their image in the mirrors will help them notice areas of improvement. Not only will it encourage athletes, but it will also help improve posture and movements during workouts.

Being able to see the muscles move and the movements that you are making can make workouts more effective. When someone can’t see their performance, they might not notice if they are doing something wrong. 

Leave Open Spaces

Depending on the programs and drills that you will be running, you will want to have plenty of open spaces.

Open spaces in the athletic training room will allow the team to do drills together. One of the most common workouts done is rope tossing, which requires a lot of space to spread out. You can line the floor with mats to make it more comfortable for the athletes, just make sure that the ground is supportive and flat. 

Another reason you want open spaces is for when you do weight lifting, core exercises, and stretching. If you feel that the room is getting overcrowded, try to get rid of items that you don’t need or store them until they are needed. 

Create the Ultimate Athletic Training Room

When it comes to designing an athletic training room, there are many factors to consider.

Whether you need a space to lift weights, go over routines, or build endurance, you should think about the layout. It is beneficial to include areas for resting and hydration so that your athletes don’t become exhausted and burnt out.

You can also put up mirrors on the walls and include team spirit in the decorations to make the environment more motivating. Try to avoid making the athletics room feel like a dungeon, especially if you want your team to perform well.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about building athletic spaces and motivating your team! 

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