Online Casino: 7 Fun Facts

Many people still think of casinos as glamorous locations that many cannot access. However, with the constant technological advancements, casinos are now just a few clicks away. With an array of online casinos at your disposal, you can learn and discover many new entertaining things. Especially with the help of online casino as a, you can enjoy the game at any convenient time! And what better way there is to start than by reading some fun facts about online casinos? 

We have prepared a list of the top seven interesting facts about online casinos we think will give you that necessary push to give them a go. Let’s dive in!

Oldest Online Casino

You might have an idea of online casinos being novel in today’s world. However, the very first online casino dates back to the 1990s. The internet that we know and love today was created in 1991, making online casinos almost as old as the internet. The first casino came about in 1994 in the form of an online gambling club.

Naturally, the graphics have significantly improved since then, and now we have sites like the Genting Casino that offer high-quality gaming. With augmented and virtual reality finding their way into the iGaming world, we can surely expect much more in the future.

Predominantly Male Players

This might not surprise you, but most online casino players are male. But what may surprise you is the number — 80% of all online casino users are male. That said, women are not quite underrepresented in the online gambling sphere. Another noteworthy fact is that most players are 30 years old or older. 

Most Popular Casino Game

You’d be wrong if you thought poker takes the top spot as the most popular casino game. If you’ve ever visited an online casino, you’ve probably noticed that most of the catalogue consists of slots. Consequently, slots are the most popular casino game among players. What’s more, over 90% of slot gambling takes place online.

With such fascinating numbers, it’s no wonder that some online casinos hold more than 2,000 titles in their gaming portfolios. If you don’t believe us, find some of the best slot games at Mega Casino and see for yourself.

Millionnaire Status 

Have you ever thought about becoming a millionaire? We bet you did, and with online gambling, anything is possible. And some of the biggest winners in history can confirm that. Would you believe us if we told you that a Welsh player won £13.2 million on a 25p bet? Even though it sounds highly unlikely, it’s exactly what happened in 2015 after a mere half an hour of playing slots.

Similarly, a German woman won €17.8 million (approximately £14.9 million) playing Lottoland in 2018 in Berlin. Anything is possible online, so why not give it a go?

Low Minimum Bets

What might interest you in making the switch from land-based to online casinos is a lower minimum bet. Online casinos are more affordable in that regard as they offer bets as low as a couple of pennies. This opens the door to many more opportunities for casual gambling, especially if you’re not interested in becoming a high-roller. This means you can start small and end up winning big!

(Almost) Legal Worldwide

Although online gambling is yet to become legal in every country in the world, it’s surely a global phenomenon. More and more countries are turning a new page, allowing their citizens to enjoy the world of online gambling. What’s more, online gaming is even legal in some parts of the world where brick-and-mortar casinos are prohibited.

So, with more people switching to online casinos, you might want to educate yourself on its legality. You can find more about it here — we suggest you study it thoroughly.


With more innovation in the iGaming industry, it’s no wonder that players have tried out different payment methods. And this is where cryptos step in. With the anonymity and security they provide, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, have become a constant in top-tier online casinos. In the years to come, we expect even more casinos to become strictly crypto and, as such, provide a completely safe gambling experience.

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