Attributes of an Effective Teacher

Often teachers have a query about themselves which they often feel hesitant to ask their students or any superior about whether they are effective teachers or not. Although teachers these days are working hard for their students a lot offline and online also. Their efforts are very huge to be measured but one can see the results of their efforts in their students who are well mannered, who are working hard in their careers etc. Students also know about their teacher’s abilities and their teaching. That’s why they always contribute their maximum efforts to make their teachers’ teachings successful. An effective teacher makes students aware of new resources of learning like online education and new tools online like LMS portal. LMS portal is that tool which makes online learning safe and easy. Whereas students are efficient enough to study by themselves also if they don’t know about the term ERP full form then he or she can enter the term ERP full form in their education app and can fetch ample amount of information about that. Teachers always stay curious also to make their teaching skills effective and beneficial for the students and they keep on searching for new information and knowledge also to enhance their teaching skills so that students can be benefited through them as much as it is possible. So, let’s understand the attributes if and effective teacher:

  • Effective teachers never focus on boasting slogans instead they focus on energy management and they teach their students how to choose the tasks so that their energy should be utilized in the right direction and their energy should be channelised in such a direction where they can receive some fruitful results of their tireless efforts. An effective teacher regulates a well-planned teaching plan through which not a single topic of any subject should be left.
  • Communication is the most important part of the relationship of students with their teachers. So, an effective teacher should have a very balanced and very crystal-clear communication between him/her and his/her students. Whenever the teachers teach their students, they need to convey their teachings very clearly so that subjective knowledge of the student can be enhanced.
  • An effective teacher should have grave and effective organizational skills which can help him/her to teach and provide notes and information in the proper way. Paperwork is an essential part of teaching where teachers make teaching plans, file the documents, prepare notes for the students and make them learn from their work procedure. 
  • Classroom is like a little educational family for a student and or teachers . It is that family which comes under their control so they should understand that classroom skills also need good relationships with students. It is so because students will listen to the teachers only when they have earned the respect in the sight of students and this bond or relationship of students with teacher clarifies whether teacher is effective or not.
  • An effective teacher never makes students always follow a traditional and old method for teaching and also keep on searching and finding new ways of teaching students something new which can enhance the knowledge and information level of the student. An effective teacher never leaves his/her students in a dilemma and always clarifies their queries without a doubt.
  • A good tutor never gets satisfied with the knowledge he or she has and keeps on seeking new knowledge and information about the subjects he or she teaches. Upgraded knowledge helps the students to achieve their goals and good marks in exams and in this way, students also start to like such a hard-working teacher whose knowledge guides them in a correct path.
  • Teachers can never achieve an effective status until they realise that they have a learner and a student in themselves. Teachers can understand the mindset of the students only when they have a learner in themselves. Teachers can provide students the most upgraded knowledge only when they attain lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is that oath which every student and teacher should take in order to achieve unlimited treasure of knowledge and one can never be out of knowledge and information anywhere on any topic.
  • Teaching can become effective through continuous practice and efforts to enhance it by collecting as many facilitative methods for students as it is possible.

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