Ayurveda and Hair Care

Hair is considered to be one’s biggest asset. Hair makes everyone look younger. A receding hairline, hair loss, and hair thinning can significantly change the shape of the face and make one look older than one really is. This is why taking good care of the hair is considered to be very important. 

Unfortunately, hair care is becoming tougher with the rising water and air pollution around. The quality of water has severely affected the hair quality. Some of the best medicines are hidden in Ayurveda for hair growth and hair maintenance that can be very helpful in growing healthy hair and help prevent hair loss and early hair greying. 

These two issues are considered to be the most common form of problems in men and women these days which can be easily corrected with medicines in Ayurveda for hair growth and hair care such as herbal shampoos, herbal supplements and herbal oils. 

Hair Care with Ayurveda

Ayurveda has some of the best solutions for all lifestyle and human body related problems. Unfortunately, most people ignore these basic home remedies and Indian science that has been around for such a long time. 

Grandparents and the generations before that have sworn on these remedies to restore and prevent many health issues that are now plaguing the current generation such as early signs of hair greying, hair loss, receding hairline and other such issues. 

Simple solutions such as using virgin coconut oil, massaging with essential oils, hot oil massages, washing hair with herbs etc have been proven to be very effective in taking good care of the hair. 

Ayurvedic medicines follow these very basic concepts. Ayurveda recommends the use of natural substances such as herbs and oils to take care of the hair and to nourish and cleanse it. Modern hair care items consist of many harmful and toxic ingredients that only spoil the quality of the hair and make no good progress when it comes to hair care. 

Ayurvedic hair care range includes hair oils, hair shampoos, and cleansers, hair supplements, etc that help in preventing hair issues and correcting problems such as hair loss, hair greying, and scalp infections. It also helps in growing new hair by evading all such issues.

Ayurvedic Hair Growth Products

Ayurvedic hair growth products are now being used by not only Indians but also many from other countries as the fame of ayurveda spreads everywhere with each passing day. Some of the best known hair care ingredients in Ayurveda are mentioned below:

1.Hair Oils

Hair oil is one of the most basic parts of hair care as it helps in nourishing the scalp and the hair follicles and helps in avoiding many issues such as weakening of hair follicles, scalp infections, greying of hair etc. A good hair oil is made from virgin coconut oil as a base and comprises many essential oils. 

2.Hair Supplements

Ayurvedic medicines come in the form of supplements that can be taken to help fortify the scalp and the hair follicles and helps in growing new hair whilst also helping in controlling hair fall and other issues. 

3.Hair Lepam

Ayurvedic hair lepam is similar to a hair mask and helps in conditioning the hair whilst also providing excellent nourishment to the hair. It makes the hair softer, smoother and imparts all the goodness of the herbs that are used to make the lepam. 

Final Words

In the end, it can be said that Ayurveda has indeed proven effective for a lot of people as a means of proper hair care. However, there should be no denial of the fact that sometimes the problem may be severe and cannot be treated with just the natural methods. In such cases, you must not resist reaching out to the experts to know the best cure for the hair-related problem that you are facing. For example, if you are facing a hair loss problem that has shown no improvement over time even after trying natural methods, you must reach out to the experts who would be able to suggest the best treatment methods like https://www.numan.com/hair-loss/finasteride that will help you cure the hair loss problem completely. Avoiding such treatment would only make the problem worse. So, make sure to consult the experts at the right time to timely cure the problem and take proper care of your hair.

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