What are the weirdest things you can bet on?

Betting on sports online is something that a lot more people are doing nowadays. A niche market for a long time, the ease and convenience of placing a bet has combined with the growing number of things that you can bet on, and led to a major increase in interested parties. While it used to only appeal to people with at least an interest in sports, betting has now expanded to allow people to predict Oscar winners, reality TV kings and queens, and a lot more besides.

It’s for that reason that more and more people have cause to look for a casino online non aams that offers betting opportunities in the markets that they’re into. And these days, there are some genuinely surprising markets on which you can place a bet, so let’s look at some of the weirdest. And no, we’re not talking about backing the Jets to win the Super Bowl, we’re talking about things that you’d be surprised odds even exist for. OK, more surprised.

Betting on the next Pope

One of the few jobs in the world you can’t get promoted from, the “next Pope” market is offered by a number of bookmakers around the world. Current incumbent Jorge Mario Bergoglio, more commonly known as Pope Francis I, is currently 86 and showing no signs of being ready to pass the hat on. However, there is currently a bookmaker’s favorite, and his name is Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle. This is a hard market to bet on at the best of times, though, because insider information is tricky to come by – the Vatican conclave isn’t exactly filled with betting fans.

The End of the World

At least one bookie has taken bets on the world ending. To be fair, it is one of the few things that is absolutely guaranteed to happen at some time, but you do have to wonder at the state of mind of someone who places such a bet. Like, good luck cashing that one in? You can bet on the world ending in a specific year, which initially sounds more reasonable, but again… the world would have ended, what isn’t getting through here? If all human life has been extinguished, you’re not going to find a bookmaker open, largely because you won’t be alive.

Proof of Intelligent Life beyond our planet

This is at least a reasonable thing to bet on, with opinions divided on a) whether life exists beyond the confines of Earth and b) whether we’ll ever be able to prove it. Also, c) what counts as intelligent? You might want to nail the terms down with a bookmaker before placing your bet. You’d need to be extremely confident before putting money down on this one: the consensus is that we’re not about to find anything out there in the immediate future. It’s not impossible that we’ll find it in our lifetimes, but there is no present clue that narrows the search down to a realistic timeframe.

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