Baby Formula Feeding and Sleep: Establishing Healthy Habits from the Start

Can we establish healthy habits in the life of newborn babies? How is it important for their life? Will it have a positive influence on their further growth and development? Let’s try to answer these questions.

The importance of having a daily schedule

Forming a healthy lifestyle is essential from the beginning of the child’s life. Healthy habits are based on the right combination of nutrition as well as good sleep during the day and night. Parents can develop these habits to establish a daily routine for a healthy lifestyle in the future. On the other hand, each child has a different eating and sleeping pattern and rhythm. Parents can support their young children as they grow and develop, but infants determine their biorhythms. Some newborns have specific needs to eat and sleep at certain times. Others want to eat and sleep at completely different times of the day. In this situation, parents need a lot of patience to establish the right routine for their babies.


Breast milk is ideal for infants as it provides the most necessary substances for babies’ growth and development. It also contains essential biologically active nutrients and is adjusted to the digestive system of infants. Feeding with breast milk at proper hours of day and night is an integral part of the daily routine of every family.

Formula feeding

It is perfect if a baby has no problems when feeding. In cases when parents face difficulties with breastfeeding, organic baby formulas might be a practical option. They are vital for babies, rich in vitamins and all necessary nutrients. Parents can choose the best formulas which will be the most suitable for their babies’ nutritional needs. There are many brands nowadays, and their products are of high quality and positively influence the growth and development of infants. 

However, if the baby has health problems or illnesses, parents can also find the most suitable formulas for those who suffer from allergies, reflux, and other health problems. There is a wide variety of European baby formulas from BabyMilkBar, where parents can choose those formulas which will be the best for their little ones.

The importance of sleep routine for newborns 

Newborns usually have day mixed up with night and no circadian rhythm. Therefore, it is almost impossible to predict when they will fall asleep and wake up. This lack of a clear schedule usually seriously affects parents.

Getting enough sleep is very important for a well-functioning immune system. In other words, lack of sleep can negatively affect your child’s immune system. Sleep takes up most of the day when your baby is a newborn. But as your baby gets older, he or she sleeps longer without waking up: his or her sleep and wakefulness patterns are forming.

The right balance between feeding and sleep positively influences the child’s health. It helps them grow and be fit. In this case, a nutritional and well digestive baby formula will be the best for infants. It will provide a good basis for developing a healthy lifestyle for them. 

One important point: Don’t feed your baby right before bedtime. Separating feedings from sleep will also help your baby fall asleep independently, without mommy necessarily being there. And active digestion is not conducive to a quick fall asleep. Gradually move dinner time further and further away from bedtime. If your baby responds well, continue.


We can build a healthy daily routine for our babies from the very beginning of their lives. Finding a good balance of feeding and sleep for our kids is crucial. For this reason, creating a healthy sleep routine and providing a balanced diet for your baby is key for future healthy development and growth. 

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