Battery Discharger

The battery discharger has been designed to check the potency of batteries of any sort, voltage and capability.

These instruments perform a controlled discharge of the battery, whereas this is unbroken constant by a high frequency DC/DC convertor, supported MOSFET technology for smaller units and IGBT technology for larger units.

The operation of the discharger is totally automatic: it’s enough to attach the start stop battery, to line the stop voltage, the most time and also the discharge current. All tests are created mechanically, whereas the alphanumeric display shows the partial results of discharger.

KEY options FOR A battery DISCHARGER

  1. Electronic polarity reversal and anti-arcing protection (without fuses). A full of life circuit prevents any arcing between the connectors once the battery is being connected. If a battery is connected with reverse polarity, the device does not begin and no current flows.
  2. Auto-Test at power-on. Once the discharger is high-powered, associate automatic check of the management logic and power natural philosophy is performed in but ten seconds. Just in case of elements failures, the discharger remains during a safe, stand-by mode.
  3. Integrated DataLogger, whereas the discharge is current, it is not necessary to go away a laptop perpetually connected to the discharger, as a result of the integrated DataLogger has enough memory to avoid wasting the whole discharge curve. At the tip of the check, it’s doable to transfer the information from the discharger memory to the laptop in seconds. The quality association interfaces is USB. Wireless interfaces are accessible for the asking.
  4. Extended Analysis capability, with the laptop software system. It’s powerful, dedicated software system that extends the capabilities. It offers the chance to come up with totally different plots of the discharge curve: Battery voltage, discharge current, discharge power [kW], capability discharged [Ah], energy discharged [kWh]
  5. Unlimited operation, managed by software system. Once 2 or a lot of units operate in parallel, it’s doable to transfer all the information with the software system, and to merge them into one, complete check report. This feature offers the chance to attain an infinite discharge power, by connecting an infinite variety of units in parallel.


  1. Ensure the laptop isn’t connected to the battery discharger port or USB;
  2. Connect the battery to be tested;
  3. Activate the device, by moving the overall switch 0-1 to position “1”;
  4. The show can show the BATTERY VOLTAGE for three seconds, and then it’ll show the planned STOP VOLTAGE, with the flashing letter “U”;
  5. If needed, alter the STOP VOLTAGE with the buttons + and –, and press the button SET to proceed;
  6. The show can show the most TIME ALLOWED FOR check, with the flashing letter “h”;
  7. If needed, alter the most TIME ALLOWED FOR check with the buttons + and -, and press the button SET to proceed;
  8. The discharger BDX is currently able to begin the check. The show can show the message “ready”.

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