Bursting Trading Myths

Trading involves a plethora of misunderstandings and myths that both new traders, as well as people in general, believe. They’re not just false but can also be detrimental to your trades affecting your chances of success. It also tampers with the reputation trading has among people in general because they do not have adequate knowledge about it. Visit multibank group

In this piece today, we’re about to burst some trading-related myths.

#1 Myth: Trading can make you very rich very fast

This could well be the biggest myth associated with trading. It is a common perception that trading can help you get rich in a short time period. Though the risk is high, you earn quickly–is what most people believe. These are wrong expectations or stereotypes, to begin with, and you get a reality check as soon as you start trading.

Losing and making money are both integral to trading. So in order to earn by trading, one should also be a great risk manager and have a working capital preservation plan. If you wish to make the most of how the market moves, you should be able to save your capital for when the time is right for trades.

#2 Myth: You need to be a hot-shot to make it as a successful trader

Trading has got more to do with skills and constant practice than with being smart. It is not something reserved for the next Einstein or mathematician who should be great at coding algorithms all day long. It is similar to if you’re being too emotional with your trades, you also need not be way too analytical. Too much of anything, even analysis would make you overthink every trade and you may even lose out on some of the greatest trading opportunities.

What you should be looking for is a healthy combination of positive gut feeling and analytical trading skills. You would intuitively feel that a number of trades are right and you can then use your analytical /forward thinking abilities to validate that feeling and see if your trading is in balance. Consider opting for a trade only when both your intuition and mind are aligned about it.

#3 Myth: Timing is everything if you want to make money in this market

There is no need to choose the exact market turning points to be able to earn profit though this is also one of the popular myths around trading.  Read the chart, build on it and see what it indicates. Search for price signals that are logical as per the chart. Remember that trading is never just about the highs and lows, you should also be reading the charts from left to right.

#4 Myth: If you don’t put in a lot you don’t make a profit

Many times, traders think that if they need to be successful, they must have a large trading account but that is not necessary. Rather, there is a much greater chance of losing money with a bigger account so you’re better off in case you start with a small trading account despite the fact that you might have a lot of money to invest. You are totally likely to earn more with more capital but if you are not convinced of your actions, the possibility of losing that money is far greater.

The core areas that you need to work on, that is the strategies, skills and the mental outlook remains the same whether you operate a small account or a big one. It is wise to start with a small account, spend some time fine-tuning your skills, and once you’ve gained enough experience or added more money to that account, you keep adding up. All you should be focusing on is having a stable track record of good, successful trades–the size of your account does not matter.

#5 Myth: You need to predict the market to make money 

One of the greatest trading myths is that one needs to be fully aware of what is about to happen next. Not only is it not true, but it is also highly unlikely. In trading, there’s always an underlying expectation from a random trade to yield a random result. It is nearly a given.

It happens because we’re talking about millions of variables at play that could affect the market and thus one can never know for sure what the result would be.

Your trading strategy or trading edge comes into the picture when eventually when there are enough trades and you stick to your trading plan, the odds work in your favor. Repetitive market patterns or price action patterns are what you need to make the most of in the market.

#6 Myth: Automated trading is your doorway to success

What you should do is read up on what the market gurus are doing and scan through a few marketing books to understand what the top traders are doing. Soon you’d know that the top brass is not at all considering handing their trades to trading robots or chasing quick money.

If you’re opting for a fully mechanized trading system or algo-trading method, you must remember that complete dependence on them is a road to failure.  Trading conditions tend to change in no time and machines are no match to gauge the impact of the changes the way an experienced, educated and the skilled human mind would. If you thought that trading was as simple as downloading software, clicking a few buttons, and setting up trades, you’d find a billionaire at every door you knock.

#7 Myth: Trading is just like gambling

There are so many people who think gambling and trading in any financial market are the same. Call it a generalization or a stereotype fueled by the folks who don’t trade. It is an uninformed comment made in passing that is far removed from reality.

The truth is trading can be what you make of it. If you treat it like a gamble, your approach would be like that of a gambler. But if you look at it like a serious profession, you’ll make the effort to fine-tune your skills and spend the time researching, and coming up with a trading plan before making a move.

Unlike gambling at a casino, you can put the odds in your favor as a trader through proper trading education, learning from those more experienced than you, and screen time.

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