Can Guitarists Play a Violin?

Having to play guitars for a very long time, there surely is a point in time when you want to try something else. If you started playing with classical ones, there has to be a specific moment that urges you to discover playing some other stringed musical instruments like the violin. Although both of these musical instruments are the same in terms of having strings as their main source of music, guitars are very different compared to violins.

Can guitarists play the violin?

The answer is YES. Professional guitarists who have been playing classical guitars for a very long time can play the violin. Even amateur guitarists who have barely even played guitars that much can also play the violin. There is no way any person can be stopped from learning to play musical instruments like the violin. With proper techniques and learning sessions, anyone can possibly play the violin.

Reasons why guitarists can play the violin 

There are multiple reasons why guitarists can play the violin. These particular reasons include the following:

  • As a guitarist, you already have prior knowledge in playing stringed musical instruments. You can use it to learn how to play the violin which is also a stringed instrument.
  • It is fun to play guitars and so are violins. Nothing is as fulfilling as learning how to play both of them as a musician.
  • With the help of numerous learning sessions, there is no way that you will not be able to grasp the concepts and skills in playing the instrument no matter what violin brands you are into.
  • Motivation is the key to learning. If you’re a highly motivated person in learning something new then no one and nothing can stop you from learning to play a violin as well.

Advice on guitarists who want to try playing violin

Here are some helpful advice on guitarists who want to try playing the violin:

  • The best advice that a guitarist can bear in mind is to find a violin teacher at the very get-go. Remember, there is a fair amount of work involved in just getting a single musical note out of the violin. You will need a teacher to help you in the learning process.
  • Another piece of advice that a guitarist must not forget in learning to play the violin is the importance of proper hand positions. The left-hand position is critical and you want to make sure that you get the right muscle memory at the very beginning of the learning process. The same goes for your bowing hand in playing the instrument.


To further summarize the discussion, let us realize that guitars and violins are both stringed musical instruments but they differ in terms of techniques and strategies in playing the instrument. However, there is no reason for anyone to be discouraged from learning to play a new musical instrument. If any person can learn to play the violin, then a guitarist can make the transition as well. You already have prior knowledge regarding stringed musical instruments. It will surely be easier for you to learn the other if you keep trying.

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