Can You Overcharge the LiFePO4 Battery?

LiFePO4 is on the list of the safest battery packs you’ll realize within the here and currently. The security and sturdiness of those units square measure what create these batteries the simplest alternative. During this article, we tend to square measure progressing to ascertain if it is a smart plan to overcharge these batteries. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the matter.


LiFePO4 is brief for Li iron phosphate. This technology uses the fabric known as Li iron phosphate because the positive conductor. The term overcharging refers to a state once electric battery is sustained to be overcharged even once it’s totally charged. This may be very dangerous. Within the past, this follow wont to create electric battery explode.

If you overcharge electric battery, it’ll injury the cell for good. As so much as safety testing thinks about, you’ll internally check the overcharging degree of every cell. Given below square measure 2 tests for this purpose.

Usually, you finish up overcharging electric battery once you use a broken charger. Once the volts square measure too high, there’s associate overflow of loads of Li ions from the positive facet to the opposite facet. The non-absorbed ions begin gathering on the battery surface. As a result, you will expertise a brief circuit among the unit.

This method generates loads of heat that causes the electrolytes to ignite. In some cases, the method might trigger decomposition. So, there’s the generation of loads of gas. Eventually, there may be associate explosion, which can hurt you if you’re sitting too on the brink of the cell.

If the cell contains no Battery Management System (BMS), the voltage can rise step by step. During this case, the remainder of the Li ions within the cathode square measure stopped and sent to the anode in ideal conditions.

According to several ARC studies, the thermal stability of electric battery depends upon the state of charge. In associate experiment, associate overcharged cell was inspected. The researchers found that the thermal stability of the cell was too low. Plus, the runaway temperature was simply forty degrees.

Can you overcharge it?

If you wish to understand professional opinion regarding the topic, then you ought to avoid overcharging these units in the slightest degree prices. it is vital to stay in mind that the foremost common cause for the failure of those cells is overcharging. In fact, although you overcharge the unit once, it’s going to still cause permanent injury. And you will find yourself expelling the warrantee.

What is a BMS?

BMS is brief for the Battery Management System that could be a piece of hardware that options a constitutional electronic system that controls a chargeable battery. It manages the system in associate intelligent manner, improves battery use, and prevents the unit from overcharging.

In short, currently you recognize that it is not a decent plan to overcharge a LiFePo4 battery notwithstanding what. Therefore, you ought to charge the unit victimization the correct charger and voltage. If you do not follow these pointers, you will find yourself damaging the unit and expelling the warrantee at constant time.

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