Casino paypal : all about casinos and this payment method

Who has never heard of Paypal, this method of payment invented in 1998 in San Jose by the leaders of two start-ups that changed the habits of millions of users around the world? Paypal was the first service to specialize in cryptographic money transfers. Today, this online bank still has a large following and is the leading solution for making payments on the web.

Before launching on an online casino paypal, what you need to know about this serious company. Since its acquisition by eBay in 2012, Paypal has continued to develop its services to offer payment solutions as complete as varied. And even though eBay parted ways with it in 2015, Paypal has managed to get closer to markets with high potential. In China and India, for example, Paypal has already attracted some 1.3 million users.

Everywhere else, Paypal has established itself as a leader in the processing of transactions made on the Internet. Its ultra-simple mode of operation makes it an inevitable tool.

Here are the options to credit your casino with paypal and to have your earnings in security. You should know that Paypal is aimed at two types of users: buyers and sellers. If you are an online gambling enthusiast, then you will be using this product at a tivit online casino as a buyer. To deposit or withdraw your winnings at an online casino, you will simply need to have a player account at a good casino with Paypal. This way, you will be able to make your transactions without having to communicate your banking data. You don’t have to fund your Paypal account in advance if the source of funding is your bank account (since recently, you can link your current account to your Paypal account). You’ll notice that Paypal tolerates almost all types of credit cards and that funds are sent to vendors or operators within 24 hours.

How much will it cost me to make a paypal casino deposit or withdraw my winnings? To use Casino Paypal India, you don’t need a sales contract. Enjoying the services of this talented provider is indeed a child’s play. No need to pay anything to create your account either. Everything is free! However, you will notice that Paypal only makes profit through commissions that are charged on each transaction. These commissions range from 1.4% to 3.5%. On top of that there is a fixed fee of € 0.25 per transaction.

Read here at a glance the summary of the advantages that will bring you casino paypal india. To summarize, Casino Paypal has some serious advantages that we will not fail to list below. And if Paypal also has some disadvantages, these are too few to list.

  • The installation of Paypal is totally free;
  • The payment module is available on Smartphone ;
  • The Paypal account is automatically replenished from your bank account;
  • Virtually all major casinos offer Paypal payments;
  • Paypal offers APIs to developers to help them innovate in payment.

How to find an Indian casino that accepts paypal and get started on the best game library?

By now you’ll agree: the Paypal casino option sounds very appealing. But how to make a secure deposit with this method on a virtual money games operator? How to identify a Indian casino that accepts Paypal? The answer is simple: you just have to consult the table present on this page. All the online casinos that offer this product to their users are indeed listed here. The easiest way to choose from this large selection is to read the reviews that our experts have written about these establishments. You will find information about the games, the features, the bonuses. You will then have all the keys in hand to identify the casino of your dreams!

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