Choosing the Best Outfit from the Worst Options

Everyone has at least one unattractive piece of apparel in their closet! These clothes aren’t the best, whether it’s because of the color, the style, or the way they look on you. Get Discounts using Express Promo Codes and learn how to mix and match your clothing to establish a new outfit that flatters you. Also, discover how to change things to fit you properly to give them a completely new look that perfectly fits you!

  • Overlayer it with a jacket.

If you’re worried that your outfit is too loud or too exposed, throw a jacket over it. Jackets that are longer, slimmer, and more fitted will look best with most outfits, but you can experiment with a range of outerwear. Put on a sweatshirt, a leather jacket, a blazer, or a long cardigan over your unsightly outfit.

  • Wrap a belt around your waist.

If your garment is too baggy, try belting it in the middle. This looks best with dresses and pants, but an oversize shirt can also be belted. Look for a beautiful belt in a fabric or color that contrasts with the rest of your ensemble. Suspenders are another option, especially if your pants don’t have belt loops.

  • Dress it up with some stylish footwear.

Any outfit can be made to look sophisticated and put-together with the right pair of shoes. Try wearing your saggy jeans, sweaters that don’t fit, and dresses that don’t fit with your favorite heels, dress shoes, and flashy sneakers. Also, don’t forget to use Express Promo Codes while purchasing, so you could have big discounts while on the go!

  • Combine it with a color that isn’t the same as the background.

A contrasting color can sometimes help hide unattractive clothing. Look at a color wheel and try to match your ugliness with its polar opposite. Wear a fitting navy-blue button-down shirt with your awful yellow pants, for instance.

  • Clothing that is baggy should be paired with clothing that is tight.

It’s also possible to look terrific by mixing and combining fits. If you have a sloppy Christmas sweater, match it with some attractive tights or a tight miniskirt. Throw a large crochet or mesh blouse over your tight clothes to hide them.

  • Change up the sleeves.

Many garments are unpleasant because of their outmoded, unsightly sleeves. If your garment’s sleeves are the biggest deterrent to wearing it, try adjusting the sleeves. You can tighten baggy sleeves, shorten sleeves, or even remove the sleeves entirely.

  • Make it more appealing by adding embellishments. 

Adding decorative accents to the edges, such as fringe or lace, can help hide unsightly clothing. Consider adding leather fringes to a jacket’s sleeves, a lace edge to a basic skirt, or even embroidering a motif on your clothing. You can sew on designs yourself, have them sewn on by a tailor, or purchase iron-on designs.

Final Thoughts

Make the dullness work for you by highlighting a brighter but smaller area of your outfit that will draw more attention using Express Promo Codes. Also, don’t forget to wear a pair of eye-catching earrings, a little bright pocketbook, or combine the two.

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