The Best Weed to Grow on a Balcony

Whether you have limited room or want to make the most of it, the ideal weed for a balcony grow is a strain that enjoys the sun, requires minimal intervention, and is typically an auto-flowering strain.

This is a fantastic option because of the simple effort and affordable expense. So, if you have the right conditions, your first question should be, “Which plants should I grow?”

Why Would You Grow Weed on a Balcony?

Growing marijuana on a balcony is an excellent way to get started or increase your growing space. The minimal  Evansville gardening with help of tree pros overheads and low growth control are two advantages of using a balcony for home growing cannabis plants. After all, sunshine is entirely free. This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain potentially costly grow light setups and deal with timers, making it ideal for novices.

As a result, your plants will receive all-natural light, water, and ventilation, at no extra cost and with minor to no work on your side. There would also be no need to worry about a hefty electrical bill. What is your primary investment? It would be best to have seeds, plant pots, and possibly some extra fertiliser. The allure of growing cannabis outside!

This growth environment makes plants considerably easier to care for — because the plants are small and the area is small, problems are easy to deal with.

Balcony Grow Considerations

First, check your balcony is suitable for plants. Before you begin, consider these points:

  • Can I grow cannabis on my balcony?
  • Does it get enough sun?
  • How much privacy does it provide? Or do surrounding structures look straight on it?
  • Does it guard against parasitoids?
  • Is there wind protection?
  • Are your neighbours able to smell it?

Your balcony’s height and privacy will influence your options, but you should aim for shorter marijuana plants with low scent levels.

If privacy is an issue, consider training techniques like topping, trimming, and low-stress training to maintain plant height. Also, grow some companion plants.

However, you can use other aromatic plants such as honeysuckle, basil, marigolds and freesias to help conceal the fragrance if needed.

Choosing the Correct Growing Medium and Pot

When you grow cannabis on a balcony, You need to buy weed seeds and saucers to dry your floors. When we grow cannabis, keeping our grow area clean helps discourage pests and keeps your plants comfortable. A saucer allows you to dispose of old water and excess dirt, so purchase one before you start growing cannabis. Your pot size should be a good balance between large enough to accommodate the roots and small enough not to take over the entire balcony.

In terms of access, weed on a balcony lacks what weed in the ground enjoys. They lack the nourishment and space that their downstairs neighbours want. Or they hydroponically grown marijuana indoors.

As a result, you’ll need a high-quality, well-drained growing medium. It’s also essential to think about air movement. Combine organic soil, coco coir, and natural fertilisers. Include a few stones for further drainage.

The Best Cannabis Strains

Autoflowering plants are the finest choice for balcony growing. Autoflowering cannabis flowers independently of photoperiod and manage its vegetative phase. These plants take less care and are resistant to pests, mildew, and temperature changes, making them excellent for beginners and balcony grows.

For a balcony, auto-flowering plants are ideal because they are compact and require little room.

Seed Supreme was the world’s first seed bank to offer auto flower cannabis seeds, and you have many alternatives to make your balcony grow a success. Here are some tips for balcony gardening:

Green Crack Auto

This little plant is a balcony grower’s dream. Green Crack Auto grows between 60 and 90cm and is ready in 63-70 days. Growers can tie the main stem and side branches down as they grow, exposing all bud sites to sunlight for even more privacy.

Green Crack Auto is an easy to grow weed. With liberal nitrogen administration, this plant will produce outstanding outdoor yields – up to 300 gr/plant — in 9-10 weeks. Green Crack Auto will have a floral, delicious mango taste followed by an elevating, euphoric cerebral effect.

OG Auto

OG Kush Auto grows to roughly 100cm tall, ideal for tiny areas. Unbelievably potent for its diminutive size. It can produce 400 gr/plant and has a 15-20% THC concentration.

OG Kush Auto is a 75-day blooming strain with Seed Supreme Auto x Auto OG Kush genetics. OG Kush Auto is a tough auto-flowering plant that is easy to grow and compact. With big, tight buds crowned with violet pistils and trichomes. This highly rated Seed Supreme Auto has a distinct lemony, peppery taste and a calming body impact.

Candy Cream

Candy Cream Auto is an Indica-dominant mix of Candy Cream and ruderalis. Candy Cream Auto is a low-maintenance plant with a 40-90cm height range.

Around 65 days after germination, you can enjoy THC levels around 18% and a lovely creamy, earthy taste. Once you’ve finished, you’ll get a fantastic body and head sensation. Balcony growers will love Candy Cream Auto. She has a lovely sweet scent and thick bud yields.

Jack Herer

This famous auto-flowering strain is available. Its toughness and tiny stature make it a favoured choice for many. Jack Herer Auto has been crossed with ruderalis genetics for added durability and disease resistance.

Jack Herer Auto stretches to 90-100cm. A subtle plant for any balcony. 60-70 days from germination will yield up to 200 g/plant when grown outdoors. Your project will benefit significantly from Jack Herer Auto’s delicious peppery taste and stimulating psychedelic effect.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express Auto, the best-selling strain, checks every box you’d want in weed for a balcony grow. When grown outdoors, it produces a high yield of 200 gm/plant while only growing to a height of 100cm. She is ferociously robust and vigorous, but there’s more!

The outstanding yields of Pineapple Express Auto are ready in 65-70 days. And those rich, resinous blossoms have a lovely perfume of lemon, wood, and spices, as well as a delicious pineapple flavour that is difficult to surpass. Pineapple Express Auto is a highly-rated variety and a sure-fire winner on all fronts. It is known as an easy-to-grow strain that works well in compact settings.

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