Corporate Gift Ideas for 6 Common Types of Business Partners

The corporate world is built on good relationships – even when some company finds itself in a tight spot, the personal connections, partnerships, and professional networks can go a long way in making turning such situations around and coming out unscratched. Small, appropriate corporate gifts are one of the essential tools for building and strengthening these relationships.

That brings us to the question, what exactly makes one corporate gift appropriate? After all, all of your business partners are living human beings and as such have drastically different tastes – trying to tackle all of them with a one-size-fits-all solution puts you into a position to disappoint everyone.

Let’s take a look then at a couple of different corporate ideas that should help you to find a perfect gift for all of your partners, regardless of their background or personal interests.

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Traditional corporate gifts

Everything we said above implies that you have a very good knowledge of the person you engage with. If that, however, is not the case, you can try going with something more traditional that doesn’t lean too heavily in any direction. We are talking about the things like pens, leather-bound notebooks, coffee or tea blends, portable phone chargers, and other things that will most certainly find use in the corporate environment. Since we are assuming you don’t know your partner too well we would suggest that you don’t spend too much money since more conservative people may consider your gestures in poor taste.

Gifts for dinners and people who enjoy cuisine

Corporate meetings usually envelop over the course of a good dinner. Use these opportunities to learn more about the gourmand habits of the people you share the table with. If you notice they demonstrate appreciation toward good food or drink you can send your partners a food basket, set of kitchen knives, stylish apron, book of recipes, foreign spices, barbecue set, or even a bottle of appropriate wine. If you want to be more subtle you can offer to simply pay for dinner. All these presents are very effective since they build upon the previously established contacts and grow your relations in a very organic manner. Click here magazinevibes Visit here theedgesearch Touch here thenewsinsider Visit this website soap2day Learn more about healthworldnews

Gifts for partners who are outgoing

This is a relatively safe bet since a growing number of people prefer to spend their time far from the city crowd and out in the wild, intact nature. If your partners mention that they like to spend time camping you can pick something that will fit the outdoor setting. You don’t have to go with something too outrageous or on the nose. Simple items like for instance stylish travel mugs, solar lights, campfire tripods, outdoor cooking sets, or automatic otf knives will serve the purpose just fine. Also, you will show you are paying attention to small talk and care about the partners’ hobbies which is always a plus.

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Gifts for tech-savvy partners

Much like the previous mention, this is one relatively safe pick – in this day and age, it is very hard to find a person who doesn’t enjoy a good gadget. Fortunately, the available offer is virtually inexhaustible so you won’t have any problem finding something for anyone. If you still don’t know partners all too well, you can start with something more subtle like power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and wireless earbuds. Once you start growing connections and learning more about the partners, you can proceed to more personalized gifts like projectors, smart bands, Kindle devices, GoPro cameras, or even Nintendo Switch.

Gifts for partners who enjoy art

These presents require that you are reasonably close to the corporate partners or at least know what kind of art they enjoy the most. But, due to this very personal nature, these types of gifts also make the biggest impression. So, think about the interesting wall art, rare vinyl record, original painting, hardcover of the favorite book, Bluray of the favorite movie, global handicrafts, and so on. Although they are not considered a form of art, we will put sports memorabilia, autographs, models, retro-tech, and all other items that can be displayed in this same category since they serve the same general purpose.

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Gifts for more laid back partners

You know who we are talking about – young entrepreneurs, free spirits, and all people who are not overly concerned with rigid corporate etiquette. So, if your partners belong to this group that doesn’t take the norms too seriously they would definitely appreciate the gifts that fall in line with this mentality. So, feel free to get them something in the vein of a customized bean bag, mugs with funny messages, laser tag coupons, board games, or some interesting action figure. Don’t be afraid to be quirky and think out of the box. Even if you miss the mark, the gifts that are inventive will always get a positive reaction.

We hope these few examples gave you a couple of ideas about the gifts you can use to strengthen the bonds with your partners. Whether we like it or not, networking was always one of the main pillars of the corporate world. Gifts and similar gestures make a huge part of this complicated dynamic. Finding something for every person you engage with will take a lot of time and patience. But, now you know where to start.

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