Crazy rule changes in football that were never implemented

Football has more or less kept its same shape for more than 100 years. Some great online betting in Nigeria is available now on 1xBet, where fans can explore the incredible football section of the platform.

However, there have been some important changes in the rules. Yet, the sport remains practically the same. Probably the most relevant change that happened in the sport was after the 1990 FIFA World Cup. After a dismal goal average, it was decided that goalkeepers could no longer handle the ball after it was given by their teammates. The 1xBet Nigeria online betting website is available now, where a great section to make wagers in football and on multiple matches can be found.

Another FIFA World Cup with a low goalscoring average

The 1990 FIFA World Cup has been the competition with the lowest goalscoring average. That was the main reason why some changes were introduced to the game after it in order to encourage attacking football. Fans can 1xBet app for iPhone download now, and wager on lots of football matches from their iOS gadgets.

However, another low goalscoring average took place in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. In fact, it is the second-lowest overall, only surpassed by the 1990 competition. The different organizations that work in defining and keeping the rules of the game were concerned. In fact, many ideas were proposed in order to, once again, encourage attacking playing. The 1xBet app for iPhone can be downloaded now, and fans can use it to wager on tons of football events.

Changes that never happened

A lot of brainstorming took place after the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The idea was simple. Those in charge of the rules wanted to change the game in a way where more goals could be scored. The can be visited in order to start betting on the best goals scored in football games.

Some of the ideas that were mentioned included:

  • Playing with a bigger goal. This is quite obvious, as it would be more difficult for goalkeepers to protect a larger goal.
  • Playing with 10 rather than 11 players. Thankfully this was not implemented, as most likely an attacking player would have been sacrificed rather than a defender.
  • Performing throw-ins with the foot. That was actually tried in a few youth and friendly tournaments, but it never made its way into senior and competitive games.

Another idea also included heavily modifying or eliminating completely the off-side rule. However, this also came with many other issues. The 1xBet website has some excellent betting chances on football games, regardless of the rules being used.

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