Things You Should Know about Timeshare Cancellation

Timeshare cancellation is the process of exiting a timeshare contract and receiving a refund for the purchase. However, there are some terms and conditions involved in the process that needs to be followed. One of the most important conditions is that cancellation should be applied within the specified period after the purchase. There are many other important things that you must know about timeshare cancellation before you plan to exit a timeshare contract.  

Is it possible to cancel a timeshare? 

If you recently bought a timeshare, you might be able to sell it by taking advantage of a provision known as the rescission period. After purchasing a timeshare, many states permit purchasers to cancel their order within a specific time frame.  

Scams in timeshare cancellation are real 

So many companies sell timeshares, making it really easy to buy. But, you might be shocked at how challenging it is to get rid of one. There are numerous timeshare exit firms, but you must be cautious while choosing one because most of them are scams. So, it is important to find a genuine timeshare cancellation company that can help you legally exit a timeshare contract. Reading the customers’ reviews, like the timeshare compliance reviews, can help you find the pros and cons of that company.  

How long the timeshare cancellation takes? 

The timeshare cancellation policies vary from state to state. For instance, the time frame in Florida and Hawaii for cancelling your timeshare agreement may be different. It is consequently crucial to know your state’s rescission period and act immediately before it expires. Using a timeshare cancellation provider may result in a cancellation period of 12 to 18 months. 

To be eligible for your whole deposit, you must also notify the seller in writing within that time frame. Make sure you have read your original purchase contract entirely because it may contain cancellation policies. 

What is the price of timeshare cancellation? 

Your timeshare exit strategy has a significant impact on the timeshare cancellation. To formally release you from the contract, timeshare exit businesses bargain with your timeshare corporation on your behalf. These businesses may occasionally collaborate closely with a law firm throughout the discussions. 

Exit strategies backed by attorneys are slightly more expensive than those without attorneys. Other large expenses that might be incurred include: 

    • Company fees for cancellation 
    • The transfer fee 
    • The settlement fee 

How do I cancel a Timeshare Agreement? 

You can still leave your timeshare if you’re not qualified to do so during a rescission period by taking additional steps. For example, some resorts now offer take-back schemes that let timeshare owners give their units back to their developers. This can happen due to the unfavourable reputation of primary and secondary timeshare markets over the years. Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to use these procedures, timeshare owners have not successfully returned their units. Find out if your resort offers a take-back program and what you must do to be eligible for it. 

Timeshare exit companies charge you based on your spending capability. 

How do they determine how much you can afford? You spend on maintenance costs each year by requesting the monthly payment amount for your timeshare mortgage or the amount. Timeshare compliance is a company with positive and negative reviews from its customers. You can check the timeshare compliance reviews on this website. Even while it’s legal to demand the greatest price for a good or service, it is best to read the company’s reviews before you hire it for a timeshare cancellation.  


Knowing the basic terms and conditions of cancellation before buying a timeshare is important. This can help you plan an easy exit from the contract if you don’t want to keep it for longer. Moreover, timeshare cancellation involves a lot of legal formalities. So, you should hire a legitimate company that offers timeshare exit services in your area. 

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