Everything to know about your new pug

I always wanted to adopt a dog, but never really took it sincerely. But, when the pandemic gave us a hard hit, that time I realized the importance of a companion. Without wasting further time I decided to adopt a little pug. 

When I bought my Milo, I didn’t realize that it is indeed a full-time job. Kind of raising a child, like seriously! One should always do thorough research while adopting any pet or any breed specific, to avoid later surprises. Below I have mentioned a few things, rather unique characteristics, you should consider while thinking of getting a Pug at home.

  • You are not alone anymore

When you think of adopting a Pug, then the most basic thing you will have to give up is “me time”. Your little buddy will never leave your side, like ever. Wherever you go, it will follow, and then be it a kitchen, drawing room, and even washroom. You will always have the company you ever asked for. 

  • There will be dog hair everywhere

Pugs shed their fur a lot. Some of their breeds have a double coat, so the shedding is also double. They are mentioned as low- to medium-shed dogs. Be it a kitchen, bedroom, carpet, couch, car, or chair everywhere you will find its shed as if they like to leave their marks.

  • Keep your vet on speed dial

This is where the research before adopting comes into the picture. Pugs are prone to a variety of health issues that if you are not aware of them, can be dangerous. They have big eyes, hence are more prone to dryness, ulcers, or allergies. Due to their flat face features, they are prone to breathing problems. Also, other health issues like kidney stones, dental issues, and skin infections, to name a few, can take a toll. 

Hence regular vet checkups are absolute, which can be expensive. One can always think about having pet insurance to take care of these expenses.

  • Grooming is the next stop

Pugs need to be groomed frequently. Their facial wrinkles should be kept clean, their nails should be trimmed and their ears should be cleaned on regular basis, to avoid health issues. Some pet insurance does cover this cost as well. For pugs, grooming is like a preventive measure you can use to keep them good.

  • Eating is their hobby

Pugs love to eat anything and everything. Be it your food or theirs, they will eat both. Hence, you should always take care of their habit and make sure that they don’t get obese. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are a must for them to avoid health issues.

  • Pugs come with their sounds

They have different facial structures, making them noisy breathers. They snore, snort, wheeze, and make these kinds of funny noises all the time. They are loud when they are sleeping. It’s an alert for a light sleeper to consider while adopting them.

  • Training them can be a task

Pugs are stubborn kinds of canines. They can go to extremes to get what they want. The only way you can get them to do things your way is by positive reinforcement. Punishments seldom work, in cases of pug. You will need to learn your ways to make them do things right. One can try giving them treats or praising them, and always stick to your schedule; this will help them to learn.

  • A weather check is a must

Pugs do not like extreme temperatures. They get breathing issues if it is too hot or too cold. You should always check if they are comfortable and can breathe properly be it indoors or outdoors.

  • They are adaptable

They are comfortable with people of all ages. They can stay anywhere be it an apartment or house, city or countryside. You just have to take care of the climate wherever you go.

  •  It is the best gift, you can ever give to yourself

Their love is unconditional. You will not have a single day without a smile on your face. They make the perfect family dog. You will never regret having them. They will never leave your side, literally! 

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