Explained: How To Identify A Genuine Rado Watch

A Rado must be a genuine Rado if you adore it. It is not just a watch. The most reputable watch retailer in India, Tata CLiQ, offers a comprehensive selection of Rado watches for both genders. Tata CLiQ has the knowledge and experience to recognize a genuine Rado watch because it is an authorized seller. You can speak with our specialists at one of our showrooms if you want to find out if the watch you are wearing is a genuine Rado or not. On the Website, there is a hell of a lot of blogs, articles, and videos that explain how huge a spot a real Rado is. But how can we believe them? How can we make sure that everything they say is accurate? No one can be certain of anything, even if part of it is true. You may trust a company like Tata CLiQ, which has been around for a long time, in that situation. No fake product can compare to the sophistication, excellence, and beauty of a Rado. And none compares to Tata CLiQ in terms of legacy, knowledge, and trustworthiness.

Swiss company Rado produces high-quality timepieces. The use of materials that are resistant to scratches is credited to Rado. Rado timepieces are highly coveted for their aesthetic appeal, elegance, and design. This has caused the market to be overrun with fake watches. You can confidently buy a real Rado watch if you know how to identify the telltale characteristics of replica Rado watches. A Rado watch can only be purchased through an approved Rado merchant, directly from one of our Rado online stores, or through one of our reliable internet commerce partners to ensure its authenticity. A Rado guarantee card, which needs to be stamped and signed on the day of purchase, is included with every brand-new Rado watch. An authorized Rado store or Rado Service Center will be able to assist you in determining whether the watch you already own is an authentic Rado.

Verify whether the screws’ slots are straight or crossed by looking at the screws on the watch’s rear. The screws on a genuine Rado watch will have straight slots. Crossed slots can be found on fake Rado watch screws. Verify the watch’s back for gold plating. There is no gold plating on genuine Rado timepieces. Look at the watch face’s writing. Genuine Rado watches only have the word “Swiss” and three Arabic numbers that stand in for the model number, but counterfeit Rado watches will have “Swiss Made” or “Swiss Movement” printed at the 6 o’clock position. Check out the watch winder. If the Rado watch is real, it will wind effortlessly and without resistance. Rado watches are expensive timepieces and are never inexpensive. A Rado watch’s style, craftsmanship, and innovative yet ageless nature cannot be captured by gold plating. Verify the watch’s back for gold plating. There is no gold plating on genuine Rado timepieces. Because Rado watches are well-made and of high quality, a fake or imitation Rado frequently compromises on quality. The watch, the band, the box, and everything else will all appear to be of low quality. In 1986, Rado became the first company to use high-tech ceramics. These materials can be made into bright metallic and matt finishes in a variety of colours. They are also incredibly strong and adaptable. This level of quality cannot be found in the “ceramic” finishes of fake Rados.

The watch’s serial number is represented by the number of etched digits on the back of the timepiece. While genuine Rado timepieces only mention eight digits, fake watches may have 13 digits. Look closely at the Rado watches crown and logo. On imitation Rado watches, the logo is frequently haphazardly adhered to the end of the crown design. Make sure the crown has no evidence of adhesive or uneven edges. Check the watch dial for hair, dust, and fingerprints, which are frequently present on cheap fake Rado watches. Observe the brightness of the dial while holding the watch in a dimly lit space. Fake Rado timepieces will either shine poorly or not at all. Genuine Rado timepieces employ a specific chemical that gives the hands and dials a bright, high-quality glow, making it possible to read the time clearly at night. Check the spelling of words like “Limited Edition,” “Eighteen Jewels,” and “Made in Switzerland” on the watch dial and case back. The Rado watch is not authentic if there are any typos or grammar issues. 

Genuine Swiss Rado timepieces are not inexpensive. Costly models are typically copied. These include the Rado Integral, Sintra, Ceramic, and chronograph collections. All of these are pricey, high-end timepieces that cost more than a few thousand dollars. Take care. There is no doubt that a Rado watch provided to you for $300 to $400 is a replica.

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