Factors influencing water pump prices in Kenya

Sourcing water from various sources has always been a challenge starting from drawing water from wells or rivers; with this, there was a great need of having water pumps to ease water availability; in acquiring a good water pump, there are factors that determine the price of these pumps. This article gives deep insights into the critical things about water pump prices.

Water pumps can be of different types; some are fuel-powered while others are electrically powered; other than this being the primary way of classifying them, other features differentiate them.

These features are not just critical components of the machine but also contribute highly to a pump’s performance ability. By classifying pumps in terms of performance, one also needs to consider factors that are directly proportionate to a pump’s price; below are factors that determine the cost of water pumps.

Types of water pump

Water pumps are generally or widely categorized based on the source of energy that operates them; these are fueled pumps and electricity-driven pumps; fuel-driven pumps are pretty straightforward with simple operation features that do not require much energy and thus have low prices.

Electric-driven pumps are tech-oriented with many performance features; using electricity to operate them is expensive, hence their high pricing.

Speed of performance

Machines are mainly used to make work more manageable and increase production output, and the price of any device is directly proportional to the results displayed by the machine’s performance.

Water pumps with more specifications, notably the electric-driven ones, have high-speed performance; consequently, their high preference cost more compared to fuel-driven ones that do not have high-performance speeds.

Brand of the machine

How good or high the quality of a product is, says a lot about the products price, irrespective of how small or big the machine is; water pumps associated with or manufactured by high-brand companies cost more during product purchase.

Their high price is pegged on their quality which is directly linked on the work performance of the machine brand.

It is important to note that the high pressure water pump price in kenya is significantly affected by the brand of the device.

Maintenance cost

In acquiring a water pumping device, there is a need for one to consider the maintenance cost of the machine, alongside the availability and reliability of the machine’s spare parts, machines whose spare parts are readily available are deemed adequate and high quality as opposed to those of low quality with a high maintenance cost, thus need of considering this about the price of the device.

Size of the machine

Big water pumps have high performance, right from suction ability to discharge rate, and this contributes to their high prices on purchase compared to small-size water pumping machines with moderate to low suction and discharge ability, thus low prices of the devices, in purchasing a machine one should have in mind that big water pumping devices cost more compared to small sized ones.


Getting a good water pump is directly proportional to the price of the machine; however, the price of the device is pegged on several factors such as the type of the pump, speed of performance, quality of the product, maintenance cost, and size of the machine, to acquire a good pump at a friendly price, there is need for one to consider the above factors.

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