Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Cotton Candy Machine

This article focuses on the factors you should consider when purchasing a cotton candy machine. But what exactly does this machine do? Do you remember attending exhibitions and coming across people selling flossy cotton-like candy that disappears in the mouth when you eat it? That is what this machine makes!


Cotton candy is a cotton-like spun sugar, and the machine functions by melting it uniquely to a spinning head. It is sweet, jammy, caramel, and has a fruit-like taste. I cannot say cotton candy is very healthy, but kids find it fun to consume. The fact that it has no fat, preservatives, or sodium makes it safe for children to eat.

Cotton candy machine is commercial and manufactures this type of candy faster. If you are planning to use this machine in events, kids’ parties, or amusement parks, you should consider the following factors when making a purchase:


Size is a big determiner of any cotton candy machine price in Kenya. The bowl capacity depends on the number of cones you want to make and the purpose of the machine. If the cotton candy machine is for commercial purposes, it will only make sense if you buy a bigger one to save time and retain your customers.


Concerning material, the cotton candy machine with stainless steel is easy to clean and more hygienic. Stainless steel is also resistant to rust, meaning the equipment will serve you longer than expected. Always look for a cotton candy machine with a material that will last longer and will not retain odors.


Power is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a cotton candy machine. If you are planning to buy one for commercial use, a high wattage power will suit you just right. The power supply is a necessity for every performance. Always check if the equipment produces enough for your needs. If it overheats, then that particular machine has a problem.


Cost is another factor to put into consideration. Does the price suit your budget? A high price does not necessarily mean that the machine is the best. There are affordable and compact versions of cotton candy machines that offer the same performance as the one that costs much higher. You do not need to strain as much to meet the cost if the equipment is not for commercial use.


Cotton candy machines exist as cart types and compact types. The cart type has wheels, while the compact ones have no wheels. The kind of cotton candy machine is essential and depends on whether your business involves moving around or not. You can use the one with no wheels at home since it does not involve moving around.


Cotton candy machines are easy to maintain. As long as you clean them well after usage, there is no cost involved in maintaining them. Just separate the bowl from the machine and rinse in warm water. I hope you find this article helpful anytime you plan to buy a cotton candy machine.

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