Factors to Consider When Purchasing Electric Air Compressor in Kenya

Get to know how to get the best electric air compressor by focusing on quality. Most people will tend to focus on the prices of electronics, but this does not apply to air compressors. In this article, we walk you through various facts about these devices and what to look for before purchasing one.

These devices use an electric motor to convert power into kinetic energy by adding pressure to air that is let out to enable the equipment to operate. There are different types which vary according to prices.They are more efficient since they are easily portablewhen the power source is accessible, such as a generator. They are also quiet.


The prices of electric air compressors depend on the average lifespan of the appliance. For this reason, HVAC types last longer than AC compressors. Under normal conditions, an AC compressor will serve you for 10 to 15 years, while an HVAC compressor has an extended lifespan of 10 to 20 years. In addition, the lifespan also determines the application of the compressor.

The primary requirement is a constant supply of electric power, but excessive wattage ruins the machine due to poor maintenance, reducing lifespan. Many compressors are available with different manufacturers, butlong-lasting types are the best. Therefore, it would be best to use your compressor indoors for an extended lifespan.


Another important aspect often overlooked by most homeowners and buyers is the features. As usual, a compressor with many features is always costly. However, know why you need the compressor to help you get the right features matching your needs.

Consider the affordability and the ease of handling the device—secondly, the noise reduction capabilities. Quiet electric air compressors are costly, while noisy ones are cheaper. Environmental factors are a primary aspect. A good compressor should provide a conducive environment without producing smoke, detrimental to your health. Finally, look out for the maintenance and f

How its cost can be approximated

The electric air compressor price in Kenya can be estimated by measuring the electrical cost of the machine. By doing so, it helps you get a clear picture of how much is needed to buy the device.

  1. One can use their bill or communicate with the user provider to ascertain the per kWh(kilowatt per hour) of the power needed.
  2. You are also needed to acquire the machine’sbrake horsepower and also the ratings of the motor efficiency. One should identify these numbers on the compressor or by contacting the manufacturer.
  3. When you have obtained the numbers, you fix them in the following formula; HP ×746 × hours × cost of kw.

Average cost

The best way of getting the average cost is to compare between different sellers. You can easily do that by going online and looking for the features compared to the price. This way, you can get the correct amount with the required specifications. The amount may also vary due to the size and manufacturers.


Electric air compressors are the best compressors one can use due to their many advantages, like their quietness. Their prices in Kenya vary according to the number of liters they have. The best thing is that they are affordable compared to other air compressors.

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