Feeling down? Boost your mood NOW

It’s okay to wallow in misery sometimes. It’s perfectly fine to not want to get out of bed, sometimes. You eat a chocolate chip cookie, let yourself have an emotional moment, shrug it off and then get up. 

However, if these sometimes become greater in frequency, you need to start taking steps to control these moments of despair and sadness. 

A good strategy would be to have mood boosters that help with such situations. Otherwise, you might fall into these ruts and have a difficult time getting out. 

Mood boosters for a little pick me up 

Facial and spa day 

A great way to feel good about yourself is by pampering yourself. Do a facial and a spa day, using good quality products, as recommended by a doctor like Dr. Rabia Ishfaq 

You can also go to a spa if you have the resources at your disposable. The treatment helps your skin look good, which helps you feel good. Moreover, massage from the spa also aids in distressing as well. 

Go into nature 

Connecting with nature can also be a good way to boost your mood. The calm and quiet of nature offers a distinct and welcomed contrast to the loud noise of the everyday city life. 

Moreover, as you connect with nature, the scenic views allow you to marvel the beauty around you, soothing your mind as a result. Nature can also heal; meditation in nature is perhaps one of the best strategies to destress. Going out during early morning is even better; sunlight from the daytime is good for boosting mood and preventing depression. 

Moreover, exposure to the early morning Sun, perhaps during the sun rise, also aids in fixing your circadian rhythm and thus ensuring you have better sleep, which is also linked to a better mental health.

If you exercise in nature, that is also very beneficial for your mood. Nature gives serenity, and exercise helps in improving blood flow to energize you. It also helps with the release of endorphins, that aid in improving your mood.  


Journaling is another great way to improve your mood. There are different types of journaling techniques available, and you may choose from the one that you prefer. 

Essentially, the action of writing down helps in winding you down. It can offer perspective, which naturally helps you feel better. Similarly, journaling also aids in destressing. Habits like gratitude journaling also promote contentment and empathy. These also have a good impact on your mental health in the long term. 


Laughing is a great way to signal your body that you’re okay, uplift your mood and have an overall improved outlook. You can laugh it off by reading a good, funny book, a nice routine by a stand-up comedian, go crazy with the meme board, or find yourself the funniest, yet absurd, reddit thread.  

Talk to a friend or a loved one

Everyone has a special someone who can uplift their spirits. Talking to them is like a breath of fresh air; they help you so much in getting out of the slump. Some do this by offering motivational words, others do so by joking and making your mood better. 

When you are feeling down, talk to your loved ones. They can offer you insights and perspective on how to deal with your problem. Moreover, a good hangout with friends and family is invigorating, and your emotions get the dose of goodness that they have been craving for. 

Smell it off 

Aromatherapy involves using scents for to feel better. So, perhaps sniff the diffuser, light your scented candle, or grab some flowers.

Perhaps, talk to an expert 

If your episodes of blue are becoming perpetual, and you are constantly feeling down, sad, hopeless, anxious, then perhaps you are suffering from mental health issues like depression and anxiety. These then may merit intervention of an expert, whom you can consult via oladoc.com

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