Four Important Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner

Getting the best vacuum cleaner in Nairobi requires a good research and informed decision so as to get the best out of the Market and avoid later regrets. In this article four important factors to consider when going for a vacuum cleaner in the city is well described.


The vacuum cleaner is one of the most commonly used family appliances in most developed and developing countries in the world. When it gets to general cleaning of the house, theycome in handy for their efficient performance.It can be used in cleaning fluffy carpets, all kind of floors and also fabrics. In addition it can also clean even the extreme corners in the house thus making cleaning possible and easier. But before we get to the market,the question which comes into ones mind is which is the best, or what factors should I consider to get a quality machine and get value for my money. These four important factors should be the first facts to consider before getting into your pocket to cash out the vacuum cleaner.

1. The suction power

On average anything above 100 air watts combined with proper cleaning tools will be a good choice. A vacuum with a lighter suction power can suck up more dust than a vacuum with less sanctionpower. A vacuum with a power of 1600 or 2000 watts should have more function power than a vacuum of 750 watts. The performance level of the vacuum cleaner at your home will depend on the filters and airflow. Also the area to be cleaned will affect the suction powerdepending on whether it’s a small area or a large space.

2. Filtration

You should get a vacuum cleaner with advanced technologies’ filters and UV disinfectant technologies are the best. Low range vacuum cleaners have a micro filter that is normally attached. This is a very important factor to consider before getting your vacuum cleaner.

3. Wet and Dry Vacuum

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are the best to go for when it comes to getting your space perfectly done. Be vacuum is able to clean both the dry areas and the wet areas. It perfectly sucks dust and other dirt and still clean wet spills of fluids. This vacuum is highly rated through out the world because of it’s multipurpose ability. It comes with different nozzles that can be directly attached .This makes them the most sought for vacuum cleaner Nairobi.

4. Noise level

When choosing the best quality chose a vacuum with noise levels below 60dB because you can use them even when others are sleeping. High levels of decibels disturbed they are too loud especially if near or if you’re using the vacuum cleaner. Although vacuum cleaners cannot be completely noiseless or silent but many today are believed to have very low soundsor have no noise at all.


Vacuum cleaners are sold in most areas, however one should not go directly into purchasing them without doing a good research so as to get a quality machine which can serve for a longer period .The sellers however might not give you the exactly description of the item because they want to do more sales for the day that’s why you’re supposed to dig deeper before purchasing your machine so as to settle for the best.

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