Get to Know More About Decra Roofing Sheets in Kenya

The roofing style of any building contributes a lot to its attractiveness. A house with well-designed roofing is more likely than not attractive. In the roofing bracket, there are a variety of factors as well. There is the design itself- the skeleton- and the roofing sheets.

This article highlights the reasons for choosing a quality type of sheets for your house to look amazing.

In recent years, most people have been using iron sheets for their roofing purposes. They are still widely in use today. However, there are other available options to choose from. Other newer roofing methodologies have already popped into the market. Decra roofing sheets are your second option.

Why Decra roofing sheets?

A significant number of people are now adopting new roofing techniques. Iron sheets come with some shortcomings such as rusting, fading away, being victim to being blown away by strong winds, fragility, etc.

Decra roofing sheets have the abilities to counter most drawbacks of iron sheets. Here are the main advantages of Decra roofing sheets.


These roofing sheets are relatively denser than ordinary sheets and are stone-coated. This property comes with additional advantages such as security against intruders, resistance to strong winds and heavy rains. The manufacturers test the sheets against a speed of 200kpr wind conditions at the laboratories.

The stone coating also adds natural beauty to your roof and protects the vibrant color of the roofing sheets against extreme ultraviolet light.  Have a look.

Decra roofing sheets prices Kenya attaches to the product are favorable to all customers. Many types and colors exist and the prices vary from one type to another. Many enterprises in Kenya sell Decra sheets.

Long Life Span

Decra roofing sheets can last for about 40-70 years. This is 6 to 9 times greater than the life span of the galvanized iron sheets. However, to achieve this, proper maintenance ought to be consistent.

Inspection and Testing

Decra dealers inspect every roofing sheet to guarantee consistent quality and high performance.


Decra roofing sheets come with a 50-year warranty. This guarantees you that they are worth the investment.

Reduced noise from rain

The stone coating softens the sound from the rain so that you don’t get disturbed by noise.

Availability of many profiles

There are a variety of types you can always choose from. Most loved ones are Heritage, Shingle, Milano, Slate, Classic, and Shake. The profile shown in the image above is the Heritage profile.

To sum up, Decra roofing sheets have many advantages over ordinary sheets. However, beware of fake products. Characteristics like color fade, chip loss, rust, and corrosion are not characteristics of Decra roofing sheets. If you observe such characteristics, please don’t be convinced that that is the original product.

Also, beware of untrustworthy suppliers who may not be able to back their claims. After receiving your product, enter the verification code at the back of one of your tiles in the Decra app. This will confirm that your sheets are an original Decra product. Please take action today for a better tomorrow.

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