Best Styling tips for women (2022)

Dressing stylishly every day is a talent that many people struggle with. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the most important style guidelines for women. These recommendations, even if they may appear innocuous, will have a profound impact on how you dress on a regular basis. Whether you’re going to work, going out for drinks, or going to brunch with friends, these style tips will help you look great no matter where you’re going.

1.Prepare Your Closet by Organizing and Editing

In order to look good in your women clothing India, you need to organize and trim your closet. After all, how can you put together a stylish ensemble if you can’t see what you already own? The first step is to get rid of everything that you don’t wear or that you don’t enjoy. After that, properly classify the remaining objects. 

Hang what needs to be hung and fold the rest of it. Also, get a shoe rack so that you can see how your clothes will look when they’re put together. Your wardrobe will seem a lot more motivating and you’ll be able to get rid of those “nothing to wear” situations.

2.Finding a Good Tailor 

Even an affordable wardrobe may be given a fashionable appearance with the help of a skilled tailor. In spite of the initial cost of altering products, you’ll soon discover that the additional wear they provide significantly surpasses the additional expense. It doesn’t matter whether you get your pants hemmed or your dress was taken in; nothing surpasses a piece of clothing that is custom-made for you. Get your tailor to replace the cheap buttons with more expensive ones. All of your jackets and coats will seem much more opulent as a result.

3.Balance your upper and lower halves

It’s not easy to pull off a wholly loose or tight suit like the models on the catwalk. For the majority of us, a great appearance is a result of finding the perfect equilibrium. As a result, it’s critical to design outfits that have complementary tops and bottoms. Pair a loose shirt with tight trousers, and wide-leg pants or a full skirt with a fitted or cropped top if you’re wearing a loose shirt.

4.Consider Your Body Type When Buying Clothes

Strategic buying is the key to an unlimited supply of clothes that look amazing on you. Investing in designs that fit your body type is very important. Look over your current wardrobe and see which pieces are most flattering to you. Shop for more items that have the same silhouette if your skinny high-rise jeans and empire waist dress are working for you. In the meanwhile, you may play around and experiment with a wide range of various fabrics, colors, and accessories.

5.Fitting Room Preparation 

Make sure that you’re prepared for the fitting room before going shopping. If you don’t have time or energy to try items on, put off your shopping until another day. If you don’t want to return products later, try them on first since they fit and size differently in different shops and designs. Also, to obtain the greatest view, remember to dress for the thing you’re looking for. 

6.Mixing Patterns Shouldn’t Be a Fear

Adding patterns to your clothing is a great way to add a dash of color and excitement, and combining patterns is even better. The moment has come to branch out from the classic block colors you’ve been wearing for the previous 10 years and wear checks, stripes, flowers, and gingham instead. 

Make sure your patterns complement one other rather than compete. To do this, choose a primary design and play around with the rest of your clothing to make it your own. Another option is to use two designs that have complementary or coordinating color schemes.


It may seem hard to walk out of the house looking put together on a daily basis with the demands of juggling work, a family, and finding time for ourselves; nevertheless, this is not the case. With the tips listed above, you can unlock the next level of your personal style.

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