History of The Cotton Candy Machine

Has it ever crossed your mind how and where the machine was invented?

Suppose no is your answer, then in my article below. In that case, we will go on a journey together to understand when the machine was invented, how the machine was improved over the years, and if the machine is reliable if you are considering it.

How Does The Machine Work

If you are out with your family or friends, you can take cotton candy, making you feel like a kid again. Even though the candy may not have that “gosh” expression, it has magic that will make you get one.

The machine is used to make cotton candy. It has a spinning head that has a reserved bowl that has sugar. The sugar is melted and squeezed out through the tiny holes by force.

How Did The Machine Get Popular

In 1897 Morrison and John, two men, came together, one a dentist and the other a candy maker, and decided to invent cotton candy. They took their time before introducing the candy to the market.

It was introduced in 1904, and they introduced it at a fair event where it had over 20 million people in attendance. By the end of the fair, they had sold over 68,000 boxes of candy, making $17,000.

Later on, they decided to sell both the candy and the machine, that is, in 1905. People decided to buy the machine to start making candy in their homes.

How The Machine Evolved

In 1907 the two duos decided to file for patent law that protected the machine they built from being sold by others or for others to introduce other machines that could make the candy.

But in 1921, the patent law expired, allowing other investors to join the competition. Another dentist by the name of Josef Lascaux introduced the cotton candy machine.

He came up with the name because he did not want to be associated with the original machine, and he came up with his version of the machine. He thought that the candy looked like cotton.

Do you know even though he came up with the name, he did not make it big in the market?

The machine was noisy, shaking a lot, and it did break down a lot, so in 1949 a new invention was made. The spring-loaded base was introduced. It was easy to one less noisy, no shaking and no breakdown.

The spinning components were essential in making the candy more fluffy, and it was broken down, making the cotton candy production increase.

In the 1970s, the machine was made more automated. The machine could now make the candy on its own. It could make more candy depending on the size of the machine.

You can tell in the image below if you have seen the machine.

With time there are new developments, even though the machine looks similar to that of Morrison and John. The first candy made by the machine was plain with no taste, but today candy has different flavors and tastes.


All that said above makes it easy to know who invented the machine. It has proved that even though candy was introduced over 100 years, it is here to stay. You can find candy anywhere in the world.

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