How to Care for and maintain a Lawnmower

A lawnmower is a machine that incorporates motor technology to cut grass. Its blades rotate at high speed to produce a cutting effect. This article explores how best a lawnmower can be maintained and taken care of for maximum utility.

Lawn mowers were invented and manufactured in the mid-eighteenth century. It was used for mowing large masses of golf courses and cemeteries was until the twentieth century that it made its way to homes, thanks to engineers of the century.The typical lawnmower operates on fossil energy, but some can use solar power.

How to look after lawnmowers

1. Blades require frequent sharpening

Blades play a vital role in a mower. They are where the ‘rubber meets the road,’ literally.They need frequently sharpening to ensure the desired outcome is obtained when the grass is cut. Grass cut using blunt blades is likely to tear, leading to exposure to various plant diseases. So regularly sharp your blade and always have proper equipment for cutting St Augustine grass.

When the cutting process is on, grass a soil tend to accumulate on the lower section of the machine over time. This exposes the mower to rust. The cleaning can be done using water or a disinfectant that cannot expose it to a buildup of rust. Circulation of air around the cleaned areas must be done to eliminate any traces of moisture.

3. Oil should be checked and added

Oil reduces the impact of friction when a mower is working and improves the machine’s overall efficiency.The amount of oil must be the right amount since excess or too little can damage the mower parts.Checking is done using a thin metallic stick dipped into the tank containingthe oil.

4. Check fuel regularly.

Fuel powers the mower. Machines such as Briggs and Stratton Lawn mower are highly sensitive to good or bad fuel. Such motor equipment needs fuel replacement if not used for a long time.A  lawnmower is no exception. Using old fuel in engines will likely damage interiors like carburetors, attracting more charges like carburetor cleaning.

5. Spark plugs need replacements

Spark plugs are gadgets in the mower that ignite the power to the engine.They play a key role in combustion taking place in the engine.When used regularly, spark plugs need replacing after a week.Such action is necessary for the engine to operate with minimum sound and ensure that the mower starts without any difficulty.

6. Keen examination of Pressure on tires.

Tires assist in the easy movement of the mower in whichever direction.When tire pressures are uneven, a strain is likely to occur on the engine due to friction.An unbalance mower is also likely to lead to unbalanced grass cutting where grass on the side of well pressures tires will look an inch taller than the grass on the side of low pressured tires.


Lawn mowers are great machines that help in cutting grass to desired levels. Care and maintenance of the same must be a priority for any user.When neglected,the mowers can become a burden regarding refurbishment costs. It is prudent to check on the sign of mechanical faults, rust, dirt and many others early for correction before it is too late.

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