How to Choose The Best App Membranes to Meet Your Needs

App membranes are usually made using Bitumen. App membranes are unique waterproofing substances used in low-pitched roofs and concrete-based roofs such as retaining walls, gutters, and basements.

This article looks at the different features of the various app membranes prevailing in the market. This information will come in handy as you purchase your app membrane.

In some areas, during construction, it is crucial to have these areas covered with a waterproofing substance, to ensure it remains in good condition and leakage-free. For such cases, app membranes are crucial. Different manufacturers have produced other app membranes, currently retailing in the market. Below are some of the things to consider as you try to determine which one will serve your needs best and concurrently remaining within your budget :

Tensile strength.

To effectively keep out water leakages from different terraces and roofs, despite constantly coming into contact with rain water, the app membrane you should go for is one with high tensile strength. App membranes with high tensile strength can endure much stress without breaking. This means you won’t frequently have to replace them or end up experiencing leakages that could potentially damage your roofs or floors.

Sunlight resistant

App membranes remain unchanged on exposure to sunlight. Therefore, they perform better on external surfaces such as roofs than their counterparts, liquid waterproofing substances. The liquid waterproofing substances are only appropriate for internal surfaces like the kitchen and bathrooms. This is because these internal areas don’t come into contact with rays from the sun.


The app membrane price in Kenya differs from shop to shop and manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, you must do your research well and determine which shop or manufacturer can deliver as per your needs and expectations at an affordable cost. You could even take advantage of things such as ‘Black Friday Sales’ to get the best deal.

Weather resistant

Another important thing to consider as you window shop for your app membrane is its durability in terms of its ability to endure different climatic conditions. Since app membranes come into direct contact with the external environment, they should be able to endure harsh conditions and retain their waterproof quality.


The main reason for investing in app membranes is to be able to prevent any leakages from occurring. To obscure leakages, the selected app membrane should be a hundred percent impermeable. Otherwise, it will fail to serve its primary function and be a waste of money.

Consistent in nature

An ideal choice of an app membrane is isotropic. With this, the materials it is made up of will not change the properties they possess. Therefore, it can maintain its nature regardless of a direction change. This consistency makes the app membrane to be long-lasting.

Integrity of seams

To make the most of your money, you should ensure that the app membrane you buy has high integrity at its seams. Coupled with that, it should have excellent bondability. With this, you can rest assured of having an app membrane that will effectively cater to your needs.

As you plan to coat your external surfaces, an app membrane is a must-have. However, it would be best if you considered the quality characteristics highlighted above to be able to make an excellent and well-informed decision on which app membrane to purchase.

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