How to Choose the Best Pioneer Pressure Washer Machine

The Pioneer pressure washing machines are good, but purchasing the best may be challenging. We explore more factors that lead you to choose a pressure washer machine at an affordable cost. Let’s walk through what to consider when buying a Pioneer pressure washer machine in Kenya.

Did you know Pioneer is among Kenya’s cheapest pressure washer machines? Although it is also among the most affordable, it is good to know how to choose the best. Price should be the last factor to consider if you are to get the best product, and here’s how to go about it with a few simple, actionable steps.

Power and engine size

A good pressure washer should allow you to accomplish more while consuming considerable power—the higher the power, the higher the pressure. A low-pressure machine will work well if you are planning to get a car washer for domestic purposes.

Professional and commercial washers require high pressure. Good engine size makes it powerful to produce the desired pressure. A pressure washer with a Total Stop System will automatically shut down the engine when not engaged.

Hose length

A pressure washer should be long enough to allow you to move around the vehicle without having to lift it as you clean it. Although most pioneering pressure washers are almost the same size, ensure that the length is suitable for your needs. Alternatively, you may choose one that has a power cord to help you move around, since most Pioneer pressure washers are electric.


Versatility is vital when choosing a pioneer pressure washer price in Kenya, as it gives you the freedom to handle various cleaning projects. The pioneer pressure washer should help you multitask by cleaning patios, homes, buildings, cars, trucks, and lawn equipment. It should also allow the storage of different detergents for easy cleaning.

Type of nozzle

When purchasing a pressure washer, look for the type of nozzles that come with the pressure washer or the different nozzles that the washer can accommodate. Nozzles have many applications, and you may require several different nozzles for the same project.


The price depends on the quality of the pressure washer you are buying. Pioneer is a renowned brand. It has been tested and verified to be good, unlike unknown brands, which may sell untrustworthy products. The price also depends on engine power and the size of the machine.

Compare prices from different sellers to get the best machine within your budget. Usually, expenses should be similar or have a minimal range. Large machines with more engine power are expensive, while smaller ones are cheaper. Avoid purchasing from sellers with too high or low budgets, as their products may be compromised.


Getting the best pioneer pressure washer machine is easy, provided you prioritize the power and engine size, hose length, and versatility. Now that you know how to get it, you can go and shop! Always ensure you major in important factors before looking for the price. This way, you can get a quality product at a good value.

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