How to create a warm and cozy family room atmosphere!

As a custom decorator, I am often asked to help my clients with their home decorating problems. The main problem that most of them have is how to create a warm and cozy family room atmosphere! That’s when custom covers come in very handy! In this article you can see some custom cover furniture pieces that I designed for my client. Let’s take a look at the following before pictures:

And here are the custom covers custom made for these sofas:

After pictures:

Take a look at what we have achieved by adding custom covers on top of our sofas… Isn’t it awesome? 

Now let’s take a closer look at each one of them… 

Custom made sofa chaise –

 This custom chaise custom cover is our client’s favorite sofa. It is stylish, comfortable and it easily pops on or off for custom made covers that can be washed or custom made covers to change color scheme.

Custom cover ottoman – 

This custom ottoman customizes the look of bland feet on your custom ottomans. It has recessed storage space inside which makes it very functional as well as stylish!

Custom Covers love seat – 

A perfect custom sized love seat, this piece is not only comfy but also practical! The custom fabric takes care of spills so you do not end up with stains like other custom loveseats. The back cushions are attached via Velcro for an easy removal when washing this custom fabric custom made covers.

Large Custom Covers sofa –

 This large custom covers sofa is not only very stylish and functional, but also comfortable! Who could possibly have guessed?  This piece does come in various fabrics so you can choose what best suits your decorating needs.

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer or a custom decorator to get these custom covers for your sofas and chairs. All you need is some time and motivation, and we will help you with the rest!

You probably already have custom covers for your bed and maybe even one or two custom pillowcases. However, that does not mean that you can’t change the look of the whole room by using custom couch slipcovers instead.

Think about it! If you are sick of seeing the same old color scheme every day, then you know what we are talking about! Changing your custom sofa covers can be a quick and easy way to change things up without having to spend thousands of dollars on new furniture! Staying within your budget is very important, so always keep this in mind when shopping around for custom slipcovers.

The following tips will help you decide on the best course of action:

Think simple first

There are many different custom couch covers to choose from, but it is still important that you choose custom slipcovers that are not too elaborate. Yes, custom sofa covers do come in many different colors and patterns, but you should stick with custom designs that suit your home’s general style.

Place custom couch slipcovers in the right light

After taking a look around your family room, think about where you can place custom slipcovers for sofas. If your walls are painted in warm earthy tones then you might consider customizing them to match these colors even if they are somewhat similar already. That way you will create an inviting living room atmosphere that everyone will enjoy! This means that the best lighting conditions for custom slipcovers are rooms that have bright interior lighting.

Custom slipcovers can take a lot of abuse

If you hope to custom sofa covers as a way to save money on expensive custom upholstery, think again! Especially if you want custom couch covers that will last for years and not just months. You should also remember that custom slipcovers are good for those who suffer from allergies or asthma as they provide an extra layer of protection against dust and common allergens found in your home.

However, the custom slipcover process does require some patience and effort: these covers must be properly maintained and washed on occasion. Luckily, custom recliner chair covers come with instructions that show how to care for them properly; we recommend reading this information so you won’t have any problems with custom furniture slipcovers.


If you are looking for custom sofa covers that are not only functional, but also stylish then custom recliner chair covers is just what you need! You will be able to create custom recliner sofa covers that resemble custom tufted sofas without having to pay extra cash. Our custom couch slipcovers are very comfortable and easy to clean. They come in many colors, fabrics, patterns and styles so the possibilities are endless!

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