How to improve your addiction to work

Addictions of any sort of are not healthy, even if the addiction is to something good, like work. 

When you are working around the clock without striking a balance between your work and life, you are not living a healthy life. You might attain the level of success that you have envisioned for yourself, but that comes at the cost of your health, family, and relationships. 

There are different reasons why you might be addicted to your work; we do live in a society where working extra hard, even when not normal, is praised. Some people are addicted to work because they view it as their source of fulfillment. Others have to work hard because they grew up in a milieu where they needed to achieve something to get validated. 

Before working on resolving your addiction, understanding the underlying cause of your addiction is important, and can be done with the help of your Psychiatrist in Karachi

There are other things as well that you can do to reign your addiction to work in. 

Improving your addiction to work 

Demark a space for work 

Your work needs to be cordoned off to your workspace only. Make sure that you do not bring your work to home. It will also help you in controlling your temptation to resort to work when you are at home. 

If, however, you are working from home, you need to be more careful. Your entire house or apartment should not be your office, as you will not get off work, as everything then is a remanent of your workspace, which will be feeding to your addiction. Get learn more information Best website in the world

Hence, set aside your office space. Make a space exclusive for your work, and then work during the strict office hours only. When done, walk away from the space and don’t visit it again. 

Get hobbies 

It is important that you start different hobbies to help get over your addiction to work. After you are done with the day, start with your hobby so that there is no off time during which you crave work or feel guilty about not working. 

It can be something as banal as reading, or more demanding as learning arts or a language. 

Family and friends’ time 

Dedicate time every week for family and friends. Make yourself follow through with these dinners, luncheons, and other random meetups. When you start hanging out away from your work, your mind will have an easier time in becoming distracted. 

Furthermore, spending quality time with your loved ones also allows you to get perspective about life, and it being much more than just work. 

Make a schedule 

Making a reasonable schedule is very important in your efforts to moderate your work. Plan in a way that ensures that you get sufficient time off. When starting out, take small steps. If you leave big gaps of break, it will then be hard for you to execute, thereby making it difficult for you to follow through with the plan. So, try to make a do-able plan, and make sure that you follow through with it. 

Seek help 

Most addictions need help. If you are having a hard time managing your addiction to work, try seeking the help of a therapist or a counselor so that you can work on the underlying reasons for your dependence on work, and move towards seeking a solution for it. 

Address your perfectionist self 

Often, workaholics also suffer from perfectionist complexes. It adds onto their workaholism, and makes their condition worse, as they dispense even more time in trying to hone their work. 

So, it is important that you work with your mental health expert at Fauji Foundation Hospital in controlling your perfectionism as well. That doesn’t mean that you become complacent, but it means that you do your best. Even if the effort is not perfect.

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